A Great list of business Ideas to Generate Small Business to large

A Great list of business Ideas to Generate Small Business to large

Are you looking for the good list of business Ideas? Here you have a list of several interesting businesses to create your own company.

Commercial gentlemen, here is a list of business ideas that you can take to start your own company. They are of several areas and there are different types of people. Soon we will publish more ideas of Business in our new section “Business and Management”. Well the list is long so let’s start:

The list of business Ideas

  • Agriculture based list of business ideas
  • Food based list of business ideas
  • Nature-based list of business ideas
  • Telecommunications based list of business ideas
  • Restaurants based list of business ideas
  • Fashion based list of business ideas
  • Leisure based list of business ideas
  • Transportation based list of business ideas
  • Tourism based list of business ideas

Agriculture based list of business ideas

list of business ideas


More and more Peruvians are discovering their love for nature. The parks and green areas of cities take better care of themselves. Opening a floriculture center where flowers and plants are grown. Selling bulbs and seeds is a good option considering the development of demand. If you decide you must have knowledge of gardening to advise the business.


Bonsai is an institution in its country of origin: Japan. And its marketing in Peru and America Latina is being strengthened. Many florists have a space dedicated to the sale of bonsai. To dedicate to your cultivation, you must know the basic techniques and possess good knowledge of botany and phytopathology. It is a job that requires a lot of passion and time, the bonsais are very delicate trees.


Specialization justifies the success of many businesses. The one that we present you covers the market gap in the mail order sale. Design a catalog for gardening and share them with the female audience over 40 and middle-upper class. To attract new clients, make it through the existing ones by promising them discounts and gifts for the promotion.


Green areas are an insulation against noise, especially in the big city. Hence many communities of neighbors who want to create a small garden in the vicinity of their home. To set up separately a company dedicated to the design, creation, and maintenance of these green areas is quite profitable. In addition, once the garden is done, you can get constant income for maintenance.

Food based list of business ideas

list of business ideas


Chocolate Ideas” this could be the name of your establishment dedicated to the sale of products made exclusively with chocolate. Books, postcards, signs of the zodiac, all made with this derivative of cocoa that almost no one resists. The necessary investment is proportional to the supply. The expected turnover and the cities or tourist locations are the optimal locations for “The ideas of chocolate”.


A children’s restaurant, run by children and where the cooks are children. The children, aged between 6 and 12 years during the week, followed cooking classes that put into practice the weekend. Establishes rotating shifts and supervises work. The originality of this restaurant lies in its small dimensions, tailored to the children. Adults, therefore, will have to adapt to the small size.


Apart from the sun, one of the products most praised by tourists visiting Chile is its good and traditional table. So why not create a cooking school for tourists? You can propose your services to travel agencies as a complementary activity. Get in touch with local neighbors to teach classes. Enrolled tourists spend part of their time learning cooking and collaborators. They would have the possibility to expand their knowledge in some languages.

Nature-based list of business ideas

list of business ideas


If you are an animal lover this is your business. First of all, the document about the most profitable dog breed by reading any of the specialized books sold in bookstores. Once you locate a good extension of land to place cages, hire a veterinarian to advise you on feeding and breeding animals. The investment is high and the amortization is achieved in a minimum period of two years. To increase profitability, you can combine the breeding activities with the establishment of an animal hotel.


Not much space is needed and know-how can be easily obtained. On the other hand, the market has always absorbed very well the production of these hermaphrodite mollusks. The investment is minimal and you do not need specialized machinery for your breeding. Design a good advertising campaign to publicize your business and reap benefits.


In the heat of the new regulations in environmental matters are emerging companies specialized in the management of ecological certificates. It opens a new market where environment specialists have an interesting field of action. You just have to get the technical knowledge – very detailed – and get down to work.


Many companies generate a large amount of waste in the form of paper, plastic, glass or aluminum cans. A way to start your company to the collection of these products and its later transfer to the companies dedicated to the recycling.

Telecommunications based list of business ideas

list of business ideas
list of business ideas


The manufacture of special computer products for the use of people with some type of handicap is increasing. You can perform a search through the Internet and attend any of the specialized fairs that are held throughout the year. Then a suitable place.


Who has not needed a technician to fix his computer in the middle of the night? Many companies need to solve problems caused by the malfunction of computers on holidays when computer stores are closed. If you set up a technical assistance center that operates 24 hours a day you will not lack customers. You can set a minimum annual fee per arrangement.


Converting a mediocre photograph into a work of art is possible thanks to computer science. If you have a photographic knowledge and perfectly control the technical possibilities provided by digital technology. Where the photos are restored and corrected with the help of an artist capable of performing photomontages at high speed. The financial amount that you will have to carry out, in the beginning, is important. But the revenues that in the short term will also pay off the investment will be high.


The market for the didactic and entertainment CD Rom is in full development. A company dedicated to the translation of these discs into the various languages can be profitable. It is possible to offer your services to publishing companies both to offer them translated CD ‘s or to translate their own to any foreign language.

Restaurants based list of business ideas

list of business ideas


The “cyber pub” are local for telematic talks. A space of about 150 m2 where to place a good number of tables. There is a computer is enough to create a “cyber pub”. It offers the opportunity to access the Internet and, for a good atmosphere. It serves buy prednisone for my dog beer jugs and some pizza accessory. The investment will not be too high if you rent the computer equipment. However, you must take into account all the typical costs that entail the start of a pub.


They say that the 30-year-olds are the ones with the highest purchasing power. At least, do not pay attention to expenses when it comes to having fun. Design a tailor-made restaurant of this group with music from the eighties or even earlier. The 40’s feel comfortable too. Power the bar area where you can taste some of the dishes that can survive also. In greater quantity, in the area destined to the restaurant.


In addition to having a beer, customers of “Bar-Taller” have the option of performing other activities such as painting, DIY, reading, modeling or any other manual. If you are willing to start it, you will need a large and well-conditioned room. With several rooms where the fans of each work will be able to share experiences. You can even hire monitors to teach interested parties.


The aging of the population is a fact. Creating a club for the elderly is a business that will never lack customers. In addition to a bar service, it organizes cultural and recreational activities tailor-made. You can turn to institutional support and sponsorship among senior volunteer societies.

Fashion based list of business ideas

list of business ideas


To introduce you to the textile sector, the most advisable to ensure profitability is the specialization. One option is to dedicate to the manufacture of large sizes. In the United States, these types of establishments are very common. But in other countries, they are very scarce. Grab the opportunity but, yes, you will have to invest a significant sum of money in advertising.


The lovers of disco environments will not have to move from store to store in search of clothes and accessories. Create a store in which color meshes, aggressive belts and even yellow, blue and multi-colored wigs share space. Turn into reality your dream of those who prefer disco’s to any other atmosphere to spend the night.


The Internet is an open 24 hours a day. Even a tie factory can create a space on the Net to sell them customized. Customers would be companies that want to include in each piece. In addition, it’s logo. The factory would send a draft to the company via the Internet with the design. If it accepts, the next step is the production of the order in a maximum period of two months.


In the United States, it is called “fashion hunter”. An activity that consists of buying or making inexpensive fashion items in the country. Get the goods, better if you come from exotic countries. And organizes parties to sell them, is original and sells at an economic price.

Leisure based list of business ideas

list of business ideas


A wellness center is more than a gym, it is a space where people release tensions and receive information. To improve their diet, their physical capacity & everything necessary to improve their quality of life. If you own a gym, a wellness center can be a good complement. Aimed at a new market segment, and with interesting benefits.


It is the most complicated group, but also the most numbers. The most difficult thing to get entertaining for the elderly and the lonely people is finding the right activities. If you have the gift of people and know how to move in institutions and organizations of the elderly. You will fill an interesting market gap. Providing training related to any subject, organization of outdoor excursions, championships, etc., are the activities you can develop.


The sun and the summer on the beach are no excuses for not staying in shape. For this reason and for all the effort of a whole year does not go to waste in a few months. Set up your own gym on the beach. You can rent the space to the city hall, just like the typical equipment of the sports halls. You can organize other activities where there are no limits to the imagination.


At the beach, in the mountains, in the countryside. In these spaces and much more, you can set up a gym, even at home. The idea we propose is to run a mobile gym on four wheels. The investment to be made would go to the purchase of some gym equipment.

Transportation based list of business ideas

list of business ideas


The windows and screens of cars are some of the most delicate parts and. Unfortunately, they break when drivers start a trip or need the car for any urgency. If you open a center specialized in the change and repair in the act of windshield and crystals you will get a good number of customers. Remember that yes, that your base of success is in the speed and the impeccable service.


Many car owners are concerned about the conservation of their car for a longer period of time. And because of work, they have less and less time to go to the workshop. To respond to this situation set up a repair center with fast service. The investment that you must make is important, both in machinery and labor, to have everything ready.


Specialization justifies the success of many businesses and the auto industry lends itself to it. An opportunity to do business is to open a dedicated center. Exclusively, to review and repair brakes suspensions and balancing wheels of any type of vehicle and any brand. The cost of the machines that perform these functions is high. The payback of the same will be fast if you manage the business correctly. Quality and speed will be your business card.

Tourism based list of business ideas

list of business ideas


Trips to astrology, spiritism and divination arts. Journeys into the unknown that no one can resist. From Sri Lanka to Sinai, from the country of the goblins in Ireland to the mysterious waters of the Ganges River in India. Research all these places and offer your customers all the charm of the unknown. Where traditional travel agencies have not yet set their feet.


Sun and sea are not enough to make an unforgettable vacation. One idea is to develop tours tasting the best bits of the earth. Preparing the most appetizing route is your business.


If you set up a company dedicated to the organization of trips for the disabled. You can access some of the subsidies that the public assign to the development of programs personalized for this group. In your business, it offers information on hotel facilities adapted for the access of wheelchairs, seeks volunteers willing to spend a few days accompanying your clients and prepare routes where the handicap is not a barrier to fun.

What business ideas did you find most interesting?

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