15 Ideas to Start A Business Without Capital or Investment

15 Ideas to Start A Business Without Capital or Investment

Today there are many ideas to start a business without capital or low investment. Therefore, today we will talk about some ideas to undertake without investing a single cent. Many of the ventures that we will see below can begin as a way to generate some extra income, becoming a very serious and profitable business.

Ideas to Start a Business Without Capital

  • Personal Assistance

A personal assistant can work physically as well as virtual and is in charge of managing calls, emails or accumulation of tasks. The good thing about this business is that you can start from home and that way you get many more customers. Being mainly small and medium enterprises. For this job, you only need an Internet connection and have skills in handling various programs, such as Office.

Ideas to start a business
Personal Assistance
  • Business Technology Consultant

If you know how to handle the Internet and social networks well, this is a great business opportunity without capital. You can offer services to manage the accounts of social networks of different companies or help to get potential customers through advertising.

Ideas to start a business
  • Advertising Developer

In the previous item talk about offering to advertise to customers through social networks, because that can also be added the whole development of advertising. Be it the technique implemented and all the options of advertising through the Internet, such as contests, paid advertisements or mentions from Facebook.

Ideas to start a business
  • Affiliate Marketing

The affiliate system is a great way to have a business without capital. Because on the Internet there are a lot of sites that need to add customers. So, it is an excellent opportunity to generate money recommending such sites and in the process. You take a large percentage of each sale.

Ideas to start a business
Affiliate Marketing
  • Make Money Selling Used Books

Selling used books is one of the best business options without investment, as there are a lot of people who buy used books. So, you can start this business from home, either by selling your own books until you can make the buying and selling wheel.

Ideas to start a business
Sale old books
  • Fashion design

If you have knowledge of editing programs, you can offer your services to design clothes using Illustrator, Photoshop or any other type of software. No doubt, anyone who has knowledge about fashion design can start this business without capital.

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Ideas to start a business
Fashion Design
  • Driving lessons

Do you have a vehicle? then you can offer driving lessons in your neighborhood, an excellent microenterprise that can generate very good income.

Ideas to start a business
Driving Service
  • First Aid Training

Starting a first aid training business is relatively easy as you can start by offering training from home and can function as a part-time business. Many industries need their employees to be trained in first aid, whether construction companies, transportation or private security companies.

Ideas to start a business
First aid training
  • Health Consultant

A health consultant is a very profitable business because if you have knowledge and certifications is a great opportunity. You can operate this business without investment and from anywhere, either your home or a commercial place. That yes, you have to have an excellent planning and a good strategy.

Ideas to start a business
Health consultant
  • Nutritional Trainer

Many people today want to change their lifestyle and the first thing they correct is their food. Therefore, if you are a nutrition professional you can offer your services, either through the Internet or with a consultant in your home. This non-investment business can be highly profitable and you can add the creation of sports diets.

Ideas to start a business
Nutritional Trainer
  • Drop Shipping Business

Drop Shipping has become the most profitable Internet business, and this is because you can sell products without having to make an investment. Therefore, anyone can start this business without capital, selling from clothing to electronics.

Ideas to start a business
Drop shipping
  • Image Advisor

The image consultant was always a profession aimed at wealthy people, but for some years he has focused on all classes of people. So, you can start your own image consulting business.

Ideas to start a business
  • Dog groomer

The canine hairdressing is something that never happens in fashion and every time it is necessary more people who dedicate themselves to this. So, it is an excellent idea to start from home, since it is a very profitable business. In addition, it is a micro-enterprise that gives us the possibility to grow.

Ideas to start a business
Dog groomer
  • Insurance advisor

Today, people are wary of insurance companies and policyholders need an intermediary to get them, new clients. So, if you are very sociable you can start this business without capital because you will only have to get new customers and take a percentage of each charge. Remember that both car and home insurance charge for monthly. So. there is no cap on earnings.

Ideas to start a business
Insurance adviser
  • Pizza shop

Are you good at cooking pizza? then wait to start your own pizza delivery from your home. It is one of the most profitable business without capital, is it because everyone loves pizza?

Ideas to start a business
pizza shop

These ideas to start a business help you 100%.

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