Apple Iphone 7 plus: Complete Review and Analysis

Apple Iphone 7 plus: Complete Review and Analysis

The iPhone 7 Plus is the most controversial iPhone of all time, but behind that debate lies a smartphone that involves several hits. From greater durability to an excellent dual camera and great battery life, there is much to like if you can look past its errors.

Apple iPhone 7 Plus: The Final Version

iphone 7 plus review
iPhone 7 plus review


  • Water resistant metal body.
  • The Apple A10 Fusion chip offers excellent performance.
  • Ideal for games.
  • Solid construction that is super durable.
  • Excellent audio with stereo speakers.
  • Upgraded storage options.
  • Fantastic telephoto lens second camera lens.
  • Stunning battery life.


  • Without headphone jack.
  • The start button of 3D Touch gets accustomed.
  • The quality of the call is questionable.
  • The design is dated and boring.
  • Large bezels make this a massive phone.

Another year brings more iPhones and as a “new number” year. We have come to expect Apple’s radical changes as it offers to remain revolutionary. For almost two periods, the company has introduced new devices through audio, computing, and telephony to great assurance. Although this year’s phones received great interest in the launch, not everything was positive.

iPhone 6 and 7

Faced with growing competition from more smartphone makers than ever. The Cupertino-based company hopes the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus will continue to dominate the smartphone industry as the iPhones that come first them. However, this year’s devices do not offer the radical changes we expect from Apple’s two-year product cycle. Although the name may have changed, the phones look unusually similar to the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus last year.

Apple iPhones have remained largely dominated by their ability to work. But nine years after the introduction of the original iPhone – and with the tenth-anniversary edition, next year rumored to bring about the radical changes expected this year. Deliver It Enough to challenge the excess of phablets on offer from other companies? Let’s find out in this, our complete review of iPhone 7 Plus.

iphone 7 plus review


Design iPhone 7 Plus with previous generations of iPhone. We have come to expect that Apple will deliver radical changes in design with each new number. The iPhone 5 changed the design with a larger screen than the iPhone 4. The iPhone 6 delivered another larger device. This time with the addition of a Plus model, as the phablets became conventional devices.

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With this in mind, we were hoping that the iPhone 7 Plus will deliver another fundamental change. For the first time in history, Apple chose to keep the same design for a third year. As mentioned, the specter of a 10th-anniversary edition looms over the iPhone. Apple penetrating to the same design is as surprising as it may appear.

As a result,

We have a design that is almost identical to the iPhone 6S Plus, from the front at least. A 5.5-inch screen is accompanied by large bezels above the screen – which houses a headset with the second stereo speaker. Below the screen, which included the new home button. While we have become accustomed to the large bezels on Apple devices, they make the iPhone 7 Plus exceptionally difficult to maintain. In a market where other companies can offer a larger screen in a smaller size or size Similar, a redesign may not come soon enough for Apple.

Design is similar to previous models

The biggest change is also likely to be the most polarizer. As Apple said, they have had the ‘courage’ to remove the 3.5mm headphone jack. As a result, we have a smartphone that is slimmer and lighter than previous models.

By eliminating the headset jack, Apple has unconsciously opened a new puzzle in the process. It is one that has wide results for the entire smartphone industry. If you have a favorite pair of wired headsets, you are now required to use the included headphone connector adapter. Although it’s good that Apple included it for free in the box. It adds something else you need to remember to carry with you. Otherwise, you can switch to wireless headphones or buy a new pair of headphones.

Lack of Headphone

iphone 7 plus review

Either way, the decision is likely to split opinion and for some users. The lack of a headphone jack could mean the end of a union that may have spanned many years. Apple is not the first manufacturer to remove the headphone jack. How to perceive the lack of a headphone jack could command how the smartphone industry progresses when it comes to headphones – and with USB-C. Now it is widely used on more smart phones and capable of also delivering audio like lightning jack. I might be watching the end of the headphone jack as we know it.

2nd big change

The second biggest change in the design is one that cannot be immediately perceived. It puts the iPhone 7 more ahead of most Android smartphones, some Samsung apart that is. This year saw the addition of IP67 water and dust resistance. It means that your iPhone will finally be able to resist small splashes. Although Apple is careful to mention that full immersion is not recommended, our water test revealed that new iPhones could withstand most use cases for IP67 protection.

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7000 series looks

Apart from the changes, the rest of the iPhone 7 Plus feels familiar but impressive. The 7000-series aluminum looks and feels fantastic and provides a surprising amount of integrity. In our crash test, we did not expect any of the iPhones to survive. 12 drops later, they both did with only a few minor scratches to prove it. In a later warning test, we found a simple 4-foot drop on the rough rocks was enough to break the screen of the iPhone 7 Plus’, but overall, this phone looks like it could survive a small drop.

iphone 7 plus review

This year also added two new colors:

The matte black and a new edition Jet Black high-gloss. Very limited in availability, along with three previous colors: silver, gold and rose gold edition. While the matte black is very nice and does well to hide the redesigned antenna, lines running along the top and bottom of the phone. We find the Jet-Black edition to be a true and almost eye-catching fingerprint magnet in his style. This is not surprising considering the high gloss finish. The phone also feels more like plastic than metal, but with limited availability. It is unlikely that we will see as many Jet Black editions on the market as the other colors.

Build Quality

Overall, we have very few scruples about the iPhone 7 Plus’s build quality. Like previous iPhones, it is firmly in line with Apple’s goal of delivering a premium experience. The addition of IP67 resistance in a metal unibody is certainly a feat worth praising Apple. Especially when other manufacturers seem to have struggled to achieve this. While Apple certainly does it well, we wonder why the company is not able to make the flash camera with the body. The camera bump is still there – although it is now made of the same piece of aluminum as the rest of the chassis. It seems quite out of character for what is essentially one of the most stylish smartphones around.

Apple chose to keep the design of the iPhone 7 Plus almost matching to the iPhone 6S Plus. Despite that, the iPhone 7 Plus feels a little different. Whether the body is getting lighter – now weighs 188 grams versus 12 grams. The new aluminum, the iPhone 7 Plus feels great in hand, as big as it is!


iphone 7 plus review

While some parts of the iPhone 7 Plus design may have been modified. The screen is mostly the same subject as the previous two years. Although Quad HD becomes the pillar of smartphones at this (and lowest) price. Apple has chosen to maintain the same Full HD panel found in previous generations. As a result, you have the same 5.5-inch LED-backlit IPS-LCD screen with a resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels. It is giving you a pixel density of approximately 401ppi.

By way of comparison

Other smartphones typically offer a density of 530ppi. It shows how far Apple is behind the competition regarding resolution and density of smartphones. At the end of the day, it proves to be effective enough to read the text, watch videos and surf the web. With a few years at the same resolution, we hope Apple sees the opportunity to hit the resolution until next year.

Apart from the actual specs, the iPhone 7 Plus screen continues the previous trend of providing great viewing angles and rich colors. Offering a maximum brightness of 650 nits, the iPhone 7 Plus has no problems with readability. Even in direct sunlight. Although it is not a disc, it is up there as far as the maximum brightness of the screen goes.

Color temperature

The iPhone 7 Plus offers a color temperature of 7240k. It is slightly warmer than the iPhone 7 which is located at 7366k. Essentially, this color temperature means that the screen has a slight bluish shade. Although it is not as noticeable as other LCD screens, we have tested. Apple made vendor the broader color scale of the screen. There are some variances when it is tested against the spectrum of RGB color scale. It is not bad by any stretch and more than acceptable. While blue, green and green colors mostly hit their landmarks. There are small precision errors with magenta, red and yellow. In general, the display is quite an accurate color, while not completely spot on.

Retina Display

As far as the Retina Screen goes. Apple would have to believe that it is one of the most advanced on the market. While this may have been the case in a moment, it certainly is not now. The screen itself is nice to use – although not too spectacular. The colors are accurate enough, and the density is certainly able to handle anything you throw at it. In general, it is a good screen that gets the job done, although it does not stand out in a particular way.

iphone 7 plus review
Retina Display

Hardware of iPhone 7 Plus

One of the biggest hardware changes is noticeable when you are buying your new iPhone. Storage options have been doubled up to 32GB, 128GB, and 256GB. Unfortunately, even with removing the headphone plug (and replacing it with a larger touch engine), they have not seen the convenience of carrying expandable storage. It is very questionable that Apple will do so. When buying your iPhone 7 Plus, we recommend that you go to the option of storage of 128 GB if you do not take photos often and do not install many applications.

Storage Increase

Along with increased storage, Apple has also made a big change in the home button on the iPhone 7 Plus. It is with mixed effect in my honest opinion. Instead of a physical button like the previous iPhones, the new home button uses the same 3D touch technology as the Apple screens to offer haptic feedback with an offer to match the traditional home button feel. Honestly, I hated the new start button at first, but after a few days with the iPhone 7 Plus the changes are less noticeable. Especially since I allowed the old-style behavior to rest my finger on the button to unlock it with Touch ID.

Apple 7 Plus Hardware Speaking of 3D Touch

iphone 7 plus review
3D Touch IOS

The Retina display comes equipped with the same technology, offering a secondary level of interaction with your iPhone before having to open an application. Last year, I was not a big fan of 3D Touch. But with the iPhone 7 Plus it seems that there are many more applications that support the technology. A week later, I have now found myself applying pressure to applications and notifications to see the options before entering an application. Because of his ability to decide different types of pressure. But after using the Galaxy Note 7, it is not as useful as the Samsung S-Pen.


A big change on Apple’s part is only noticeable when playing media like the iPhone 7 Plus. Now come with dual stereo speakers – a first for the iPhone line. Although the design has not changed, the iPhone 7 Plus keeps a speaker along the bottom edge of the phone. There also adding a secondary speaker in the headset above the screen. Whether for calls, media playback or ringing, the secondary speaker is working good.

Overall, the iPhone 7 Plus hardware has not changed much, but the changes themselves are welcome improvements. If you have had an iPhone before, you will find the settings very nice indeed.

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iPhone 7 plus action

As with previous years, Apple has been rather shy with the specs that drive the iPhone 7 Plus. As usual, they soon discovered the inner elements of the new phablet. Both the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus have received an additional gigabyte of RAM. The 3GB of RAM within the 7 Plus looks light compared to the 4GB. It becomes standard on Android phones, specs can be confusing.

While rivals have octa-core and even deca-core processors, Apple has just switched to a 64-bit quad-core processor with the A10 Fusion chipset powered by new dual-core iPhones in previous generations. It consists of two high-performance cores and two high-efficiency cores. Depending on the task, the appropriate cores will provide the most suitable performance while optimizing the battery consumption in the process.

The competition that drives Android smartphones?

Before we get into actual usage, let’s see how we handle the usual benchmarks. First is GeekBench 4, where the iPhone 7 Plus branded 3419 in the single-core score and 5395 in the multi-core score. Making it the most powerful Apple processor ever (even more than the iPad Pro). By way of comparison, the Galaxy S7 Edge scores 1743 and 5406 in single core and multi core tests. The Galaxy Note 7 analyzes in 1815 and 4710 respectively, showing how powerful a single core is in Fusion A10.

The next step is AnTuTu Benchmark, where the iPhone 7 Plus marks a very respectable 114795. By way of comparison, the Galaxy Note 7 from Exynos-powered gets 127509, and the Galaxy Galaxy S7 Edge from Exynos scores 129867. Although the scores differ from one Device to another. We have seen the iPhone 7 Plus score more than 150,000 in other results across the web.

Up to the final benchmark, and a test of the new hexacore GPU inside the A10 Fusion chip, which gets 2210 in the 3DMark SlingShot test (using ES3.0). By way of comparison, the Galaxy Note 7 scores 2502 and the Galaxy S7 Edge marks 2219, which makes the GPU quite impressive for graphics, at least according to benchmarks. As we all know, however, benchmarks do not mean everything so how about real-world performance?

Benchmark results

Whether it’s games, navigation, hammering emails or anything else, there seems to be a lot that slows down the iPhone 7 Plus. As the benchmark results prove, the A10 processor is a chipset that can more than stay in its favor against the best that the competition has to offer. We will be testing the processor in a much more technical way shortly. You can be sure there are no performance issues with the iPhone 7 Plus.

Battery duration

Like the processor, Apple always remains very tight on the exact battery capacity of its smartphones. Preferring to quote figures and advances in previous years. The exceptional battery life of the iPhone 6S Plus was one of the reasons why many customers chose it above the usual 6S and are likely to be the same with the iPhone 7 Plus. It has a smaller increase in capacity than the iPhone 7 (5.5% and 14.5%) respectively.

iphone 7 plus review

The battery inside the iPhone 7 Plus is classified as a 2,900 mAh cell. It might seem low for a phone of this size. Apple can do thanks to its Control over hardware and software.

How long does the battery last?

While Apple makes it difficult to know the exact screen in time figures. We can say that we had no problem getting to the end of the day with the use of the medium to heavy. Often there is the Less the remaining 20%. In days with cumbersome usages – such as when we perform a camera comparison test and spend a lot of time on the phone responding to emails and emails, etc. This can be reduced to about 5-8% remaining. This is a rare amount, and you should have no concern with battery life on the iPhone 7 anymore.


One of the most important things that set the iPhone 7 Plus aside from its smaller member is the new dual camera array. Apple approving a two-camera design as some manufacturers of Android electronic devices have done. Unlike its competitors, Apple’s application is very different, since it focuses on the zooming. I have to say; it’s very impressive.

iphone 7 plus review


Before entering the actual photos, let’s take a look at both new lenses sated inside the camera bump on the back of the iPhone 7 Plus. Like the iPhone 7, the iPhone 7 Plus comes equipped with a 12MP main camera with f / 1.8 aperture. It also has auto focus phase detection, and optical image stabilization and a four-tone LED flash.

What sets the iPhone 7 Plus apart?

It is the 56mm 12MP secondary telephoto lens that offers 2x optical zoom without reducing quality. Apple also plans to release a new update later this year – already available in the public beta. It will enable a portrait mode, which will allow you to use both lenses to create a macro shot with a background.

What this simplification means

However, is that the options available are basic at best; Sure, you’ll get some modes like panorama, burst mode, time lapse, live photos, and filters. These are the basic standard we’ve come to expect from all smartphones. If you need the advanced controls offered by other smartphones, you will need to download a third-party camera application. The good news is that there are a lot of applications available.

Experience camera software aside, what about quality?

The Apple shooter has always been very reliable, and the iPhone 7 Plus continues with this trend. Offering excellent complete photos in most conditions. With good lighting, the iPhone 7 Plus captures photos that are accompanied by crisp detail. It also has suitable exposure and neutral colors. In bright areas, photos can be overexposed that hide details in the process.


At times like this, HDR does a great job of balancing the exposure and neutralizing the shot, while maintaining a natural look in the image. The result is an image with adequate exposure. Although you can always keep the HDR mode turned on, we have discovered that the Auto HDR mode works great when judging the scene and knowing when to enable HDR.

HDR: iphone 7 plus review

One of the biggest selling points for the iPhone 7 Plus in his younger brother is the secondary camera. It is where I feel that Apple has hit the nail on the head. Dual cameras are certainly not new. Apple has done find a different way to use the dual camera. Instead of a secondary monochrome sensor like the Huawei P9 Plus or a second broader camera like the LG V20, the iPhone 7 Plus brings an optical zoom element to smartphones and makes catching details a lot of breezes.

Zoom button

With a simple press of the zoom button, you can dock the optical zoom and get closer to the subject without losing quality. Once you zoom in on the captured image, you will find that the image quality is degraded slightly. It is much less than other smartphones. As you can see in the images above and below, you can still see details about a subject, even if it is far away.

Update: The public beta of iOS 10.1 brings with it the opportunity to try portrait mode on the iPhone 7 Plus. It uses the two lenses to capture the depth of field information and blur the background. As the photos above show, the results are quite spectacular!

The iPhone 7 Plus has also had an update on the front camera

It is now a 7MP snapper and captures an impressive amount of detail when conditions are ideal. In low light conditions, the snapper is more than capable of capturing enough detail so that the selfies are not too noisy. In general, it tends to favor a warmer tone. Also, selfie lovers can cheer as the iPhone 7 Plus is more than capable of taking large or acceptable selfies in almost all conditions.

iphone 7 plus review
Front Camera

Like previous devices, the iPhone 7 Plus is also able to take very good video with a wide range of shooting modes available. OIS does a great job to ensure that the videos remain mostly stable and the videos are rich in detail and clarity. Of course, there is also the possibility to record slow motion video in Full HD at 120fps or even 720p at 240fps and compared to other smartphones; the iPhone 7 Plus makes taking a great video a wind.

iPhone 7 Plus Zoom example

A particularly annoying point of pain is that you have to enter the main setup menu to change the video recording from 1080p to 4K. This confidence in a global settings menu seems quite complicated when you have to return to the home screen only. To Change a setting and then come back to the camera to use it.

Overall, what can you say about the iPhone 7 Plus camera? Well, it’s very simple: as in previous years, Apple has done a stellar job of producing a great camera without it being too complicated for the end user. As for point-and-shoot smartphone cameras, the iPhone 7 Plus is there with the best and – having to download a third-party application to get additional controls aside – the camera does the job and does it very well.


As with every year, a new iPhone brings a new version of Apple’s mobile software. IOS 10 continues the vein of simplicity of Apple while providing other advanced features. However, as an Android user, I can safely say that while iOS 10 does the simple things very well, it cannot match Google’s operating system when it comes to user power features and true multitasking.

On the surface, iOS 10 looks and feels just like any other version of Apple’s mobile operating system and brings the simple grid-like configuration to the home screen. Of course, there are widgets in iOS now, but pale compared to the application on Android. If it comes from Android, it may require Apple’s implementation of tons of applications on the home screen somewhat disorganized, but certainly not the worst in the world. Apple continues to favor simplicity, and at the end of the day, that’s what has made iOS as popular as it is today.

IOS 10 brings some new features

The overall experience does not differ from other iPhones running the same software. From an Android user’s perspective, the transition to iOS certainly requires an adjustment, but it’s not that bad to use once you get used to it.

An apparently exclusive feature of the new iPhones is the boost-to-wake-up feature, where the screen turns itself on by picking up the iPhone and lets you quickly look up the time, date and notifications. It is useful, but given that the iPhone uses an LCD screen. The entire screen is turned on as the display function provided on many Android smartphones like the Galaxy Note 7 and LG V20.

Overall, iOS 10 is certainly a breakthrough on previous versions of iOS, but still looking and feeling like iOS has done for many years. New enhancements are welcome, but when it comes to true multitasking and features for advanced users, iOS continues to pale compared to Android. That said, the 3D touch feature is very useful for removing the steps to open applications to check and respond to notifications, as well as view the most recently accessed files. I like to use 3D Touch a lot more now that most applications support it against last year where only native Apple applications used the feature.

If productivity is what matters most to you, then iOS will leave you very disappointed. If you are interested in a simple experience that just did the job, then the iPhone 7 Plus offers. Like all smartphone operating systems, all you get depends only on your use case and what you need to offer your smartphone.

Call quality

As far as phone calls and cell signal goes, the iPhone 7 Plus does not have any notable problems, but the calls sound much better at our end thanks to the built-in speaker in the handset. Whether you’re out in a noisy environment or a quiet apartment, the iPhone 7 Plus delivers.

Listening to callers is never a problem

The handset and on the loudspeaker, thanks to the strong resonance of the latter and the general output – but at the other end of the line. However, callers say it sounds a bit distorted. In reviewing John’s iPhone 7, he pointed to several distortion issues. While not so great a problem with the iPhone 7 Plus, it is noticeable. However, most calls are not a problem with the iPhone 7 Plus.


When it comes to price, Apple is known to be on the most expensive side of the market, and every year, new iPhones tend to be priced slightly higher than those they replaced. This year, Apple has kept prices the same in the United States by doubling storage options across the board, but unless you do not take many photos and install many applications, you can opt for the 128GB Storage Options Or 256 GB instead of the base model of 32 GB. This is how the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are stacked around the world.

iphone 7 plus review

Final result

Overall, the iPhone 7 Plus continues to deliver what Apple has always done: powerful hardware that fits perfectly with the software, with an excellent camera to boot. However, this year the company has gone a little further than we might have expected – especially with the specter of that tenth-anniversary edition next year imminent – while keeping some things almost identical.

The overall design is identical for a third consecutive year

Marking a first for Apple – but almost all facets of the iPhone 7 Plus update one way or another. However, it seems that Apple cannot avoid the controversy and this year the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are the most controversial yet, thanks to the lack of headphones.

When it comes to this, users will most likely adapt to Apple’s insistence that the headphone jack is no longer needed. And with so many improvements in the iPhone 7 Plus, such as water and dust resistance, the second camera and the impeccable performance of the A10 Fusion chip, the lack of a headphone connector does not seem a problem.

In the bigger picture, the iPhone 7 Plus offers a decent experience, but if it’s worth buying depends on whether you can live with the commitments. In a market where phablets are increasingly popular every year, the iPhone 7 Plus stands out from its competition and could be one of the best smartphones of the year.

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