Why plants in the office are good for your health… and productivity

Why plants in the office are good for your health… and productivity

Why plants in the office are good for your health… and productivity

Plants add to the aesthetics of a room in the home, but there are further advantages of continuing your plant life at the office. There is a wealth of benefits to be enjoyed from placing plants in the workplace, from reducing stress to improving air quality.

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Reducing stress and improving air quality

The office can be an extremely pressurised environment at times, so an easy stress-buster is to place plants at various intervals. The plant can exhibit just as many benefits as a stress ball.

According to research conducted by a team of scientists from Washington State University, when plants were present in an environment, the participants who completed a series of tasks in computer rooms were found to be less stressed, have a more productive output, and benefit from lower blood pressure.

Plants can also improve air quality. Poor air quality comes about as a result of pollutants entering the atmosphere. It can be attributed to furniture, cleaning products and carpets, and it is known to cause dizziness, headaches and even breathing problems and fatigue. Certain indoor plants have the ability to eradicate harmful chemicals from the stale office atmosphere.

Norwegian researchers have found that rates of illness dropped over 60 per cent in those offices where greenery was added to the workspace, compared to offices without plants. It is very beneficial to go green.

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Making the office comfortable is paramount to employee satisfaction, and office fit out companies like mobiusatwork.co.uk can assist with creating a pleasant space.

Plants can boost productivity

In addition to making you feel more relaxed, research has shown that plants can increase work output. That’s according to an experiment by University of Exeter researchers. The results have been confirmed by The Entrepreneur, who also state that plants can boost productivity by up to 15 per cent, making the office not only a satisfactory working environment but also creating successful companies.

Adding plants to an office can make the surroundings more humid and therefore more pleasant for staff. Offices have set temperature levels in theory, but many fail to meet these figures in practice, especially during extreme weather. When humidity falls, it can bring on an uncomfortable sluggishness. Plants have been found to rectify this and stabilise the air.

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