Real Time Facial Recognition Cameras Could Aid in Search for Missing People

As technology continues to advance at speed, the police force is just one of the sectors benefitting from new digital developments. One breakthrough piece of smart technology that is being worked on is a body-worn camera with the intelligence to recognise missing people.

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Facial Recognition Cameras: What Can They Do?

It is thought that the development of a body camera fitted with real-time facial recognition is not far off. This exciting new piece of equipment has been designed to help the authorities catch criminals on the run, with its sophisticated artificial intelligence properties. The hope is that this prototype will also be successful in the hunt for missing persons, particularly in the search for children who have disappeared.

The Technology Driving the Startup

Tech giant Motorola has joined forces with Neurala, a startup business whose work is focused on the study of artificial intelligence, to create smart cameras with highly sophisticated software. It is thought that this advanced technology could independently search for individuals, scanning real-time data as they are worn by police men and women patrolling the streets. Neurala’s founder, Massimiliano Versace, has confirmed that the software scans data like a human brain but its specialist processors make it much faster and more accurate. Its mini brain also stores information more reliably, which means that memories can’t be altered or fade over time like they would in humans.

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Is it Just a Fad?

Although it might seem optimistic, the body camera does have the potential to bring positive results to the community. Although, as with all equipment, the technology has its downfalls and challenges. For instance, for the prototype to truly be in with a chance of achieving its goal, all authoritative staff in the country (or globe, if the targets have fled across the border) should be wearing them so as not to miss vital appearances. On the plus side, however, the cameras are wearable and don’t impede the police’s ability to carry out their normal duties. Body-worn cameras are already being used today for a range of purposes and can be found at

Though still a little way off, it seems that everyone is rooting for this new piece of AI to take off and for its success to help make our communities better places.

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