What you need to know about successful panel building

What you need to know about successful panel building

Do you want to succeed at panel building? The secret is not to overcomplicate it. Although it is a reasonably complex process, you will soon be building panels like a pro if you break it down into simple steps.

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Throughout the panel building process you will need to focus on what the client wants and procuring the right parts to execute their wishes; however, if you want to nail your panel building, there are three issues you need to focus on.

Planning and design

No successful panel was ever built without meticulous attention to the planning and design phase. Get these first steps right and the rest of the process should flow efficiently and easily from there; in fact, you will wonder why you ever thought it was a difficult job!

Let’s break this part of the process down into five simple steps:

1. Select the right enclosure and electrical control components from a trusted supplier, such as http://www.osmelectrical.com/.
2. Produce accurate drawings so you know the components will fit together.
3. Produce accurate schematics so everything gets wired up correctly.
4. Order everything so you know your earliest possible start date.
5. Schedule production using skilled workers with the right tools for the job.

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The production process

If you have followed the five-step method and you have everything in place, producing the panel itself should be straightforward; however, problems can and do occur, no matter how meticulously you have planned.

The better your planning, the easier it is to troubleshoot. First mark up any issues on your plans and schematics; next, review any problems and work with the designer to come up with a solution.

Finally, alert quality control to changes in the design and let them review your marked-up and revised drawings. In this way you will stay in control of the process and know it meets approved standards.

Quality control

A good company values the production of good products, which is why you need quality control at every step of the process. Involving quality control in problem solving, for example, means your product is enhanced and more efficient.

If your customers have come to expect high standards and quality products from you, shipping poor-quality products is bad for business. Focus on these steps and you will make panel building a breeze.

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