Five Ways to Get Out of the Trouble While Driving

Five Ways to Get Out of the Trouble While Driving

Driving is one of the skills that no one can boast that they are perfect. Whether you are right from driving school or a veteran you are at the risk of getting involved in a crash any time, due to either ignorance or negligence. Therefore, all road users especially drivers must pay attention to every detail on road safety. The police have a responsibility to ensure that rules and regulations are followed, any deviation attracts a penalty, and they rightly know how to enforce it.

Avoiding trouble with the traffic police/law

The law is in place to ensure discipline and accountability on the road. Every road user must follow the law. However, not all drivers are careless and some find themselves being accused wrongly since the introduction of the red light camera. The cameras often make mistake making the innocent motorist to be in trouble. The good news is you don’t have to be among these drivers thanks to whoever invented the Photoblocker spray. (Read The Review). You only need to spray your number plate to avoid being in trouble.

Do not drink and drive

Drinking impairs the visibility, judgment and the reactionary time. At its worst, you could lose consciousness. Drunk drivers cause a significant number of the accidents on the road today. The law requires that you should not have alcohol levels exceeding 0.08 and if you are caught, you will be fined and charged with a DUI or even sentenced to a jail term. To avoid all this, when you go whining, look for a driver who will escort you home, or you can arrange to use any other means of transport.

Avoid use of cell phones while driving

A phone call could distract you while driving, whether a text or a phone call, you must avoid while driving. Sometimes you could get a message or a call that destabilizes and completely impairs your judgment on the road. When caught by the traffic police, this also attracts a hefty fine and a jail sentence.

Fasten your seat belt

The seat belt allows you to firmly sit while driving. In case of disturbance or an emergency, you will be in control of the steering. Without the belt, you are at high risk of losing control especially in an emergency, and this could lead to an accident. In fact, NHTSA posits that wearing seat belts can reduce accidents and injuries to persons aged five and above by 45%.

Observe the speed limit

Imagine, the time you will save by speeding past the acceptable limit. Often, you can only save up to five minutes, which is negligible.  The higher the speed, the less the time you have to adjust and react to traffic around you.  According to NHTSA, speeding contributed close to 30% of the fatal accidents witnessed in the year 2011. You may not notice when you are going beyond the recommended speed and therefore you should always keep your eyes on the speedometer.

Whenever you hit the road, you must bear in mind that you have your life to protect and those of other road users. With that in mind, you must follow the road safety rules and regulations, and this will ultimately minimize the rate of accidents.

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