Four Great Feline Delivery Stories

Four Great Feline Delivery Stories

Cats are famous for their curiosity. While that comes in handy when they’re hunting for small prey, it can get them into all sorts of trouble in the modern world. With their love for boxes and climbing into the back of vehicles, you can imagine that couriers have some stories to tell about cats. Here are just a few.

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Proof of ID

Couriers know that it’s important to deliver the parcel to the right person, and that’s why ID is often required before delivery can take place. One unfortunate courier found themselves in an awkward position when the parcel he was dropping off was addressed to the family cat!

Without a pet passport, Tom wasn’t able to give his paw print and receive the package. Fortunately, the rules for delivery were bent just this once and kitty got his goods. Makes you wonder if he’d ordered it himself, though.


With the back doors open, one curious kitty climbed aboard a courier van in Berkshire. Fortunately, it was a Same Day Courier Service, and the stowaway was discovered when the driver reached his destination – in Portsmouth! The cat had stayed hidden for over 67 miles of journey.

That’s why experienced courier services such as know to check the back of their vans before they set off.

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Last Respects

When a British family on holiday abroad learned that their beloved pet had died, they knew that they wanted the chance to say a last goodbye. So they arranged to have their cat’s body shipped to them so that they could pay their respects.
You can only imagine the heartbreak at learning that their cat had passed away, so we hope that this gesture was able to give them some comfort.

Tube Cat

And it’s not only modern cats that get into trouble. Back in 1897, New York had just introduced mail delivery via a network of pneumatic tubes.

Amazingly, a cat managed to sneak into the second tube ever despatched and surprised those at the other end of the tube when it emerged with a pile of letters! You can only imagine the look on its face as it whizzed its way around the city.


These are just some of the stories about cats getting into places they shouldn’t or having amazing journeys. Our feline friends are just incredible.

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