Five Simple Tips to Improve Your Garage

Five Simple Tips to Improve Your Garage

Dark, dusty, filled with spiders and things “that might come in useful one day”, our garages are all too often not put to best use. However, you can change this in a single weekend. Here’s how.

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Have a Good Clear-Out

Admit it: you’ve been desperate for an excuse to blitz the accumulated piles of junk. This is your chance. Pick a day and go through everything. Divide it in to four piles: one to throw away, one to recycle, one for the charity shop and one to keep. If you find this task overwhelming, you might want to get a professional involved. The Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers can be a great starting point. Once you have just the last pile left, don’t automatically bundle it all back into the garage.


Give your now empty garage a good clean. Sweep and dust or, if those spiders really bother you, get someone else to do it. Once it’s clean, you might want to paint the space. Unless you’re really keen, this doesn’t require anything fancier than a coating of whitewash.


Think about how you’re going to store the things you’re planning to return to the garage. Installing can buy prednisone in usa some really good garage shelving, from somewhere like, can be a very sensible and practical idea. So, too, can investing in a range of storage boxes. If they’re not see-through, you might want to identify their contents by labelling them. Make sure you can reach everything easily, which may mean you need a short stepladder. Larger items, such as bicycles, can be stored in purpose-made bike racks that are hung on the walls or from the ceiling. The same goes for seasonal or infrequently used items, such as sledges and car roof racks. This helps keep the floor clear so you can have a space free for DIY projects or even storing your car.

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Finishing Touches

Make sure that your garage remains a pleasant place by ensuring it is properly lit and ventilated. However, be careful if leaving windows open, as this can be a security risk. Similarly, ensure that your garage has a strong lock. Garages are often targeted by thieves – both opportunists and those stealing cars or other valuable items to order. Reduce the risk of yours being targeted by taking sensible security precautions.

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