Luxury Flooring Tiles, the latest trend of the year

Luxury Flooring Tiles, the latest trend of the year

The luxury houses in the UK have Karndean Opus that is based on a variety of textures to suit the decor and design of your space, similar to the wooden floor, of little thickness and with one of its faces glazed. It presents a variety of geometric shapes, the most abundant being the square and the rectangular. The decorated part can be in a monochrome tone or color or in several polychrome colors, with a smooth or raised surface.

Associated on a daily basis with architecture and construction, the Karndean Opus tile has been used both in the coating of interior floors and the coating of exterior floors; it can also appear as an isolated decorative element, or with a distinctive value, by way of illustration or painting.

Karndean Opus

Applied on walls, pavements, and roofs of houses, religious architecture, and palaces, or in gardens and networks of the metropolitan railway, the themes of the decoration include a wide range, from simple geometric or vegetable compositions to historical episodes, mythological scenes and religious iconography.

The coating of walls and floors of luxury houses with this material brings a special attraction to the decoration that is visual since it is presented in different colors and textures that define a style and create an atmosphere that is worthy of admiration. But also, the Luxury Floors Tiles are chosen for resistance and persistence as this material is not affected by water, or the humidity.

Types of Luxury Flooring Tiles

There are different types of Luxury Flooring Tiles among the most prominent we have:

  1. Stone tiles: This rustic style that gives the natural of this type of stone is wonderful for what gives the bathroom a very elegant and exquisite image. Tile has always been a very elegant material for interior decoration so if we have to coat walls or floors as a possibility we have stone tiles.
  2. Glass tiles: The glass tiles are a more avant-garde and modern alternative. The transparencies of glass will contribute a good quota of style and delicacy to our bathroom giving it a light but luxurious visual image as well as that which can be appreciated in the exclusivity level places, allowing us not only to relax the body but also the mind.
  3. Porcelain and ceramic tiles: These types of tiles are the most traditional in the decoration of bathrooms and kitchen so you surely know them. It is material made of porcelain or ceramic, much cheaper than the previous options and equally beautiful and decorative, of course always maintaining its own style.

Karndean Opus

In conclusion, if your choice is the luxurious floors, you will be immersed in the world of elegance, innovation, and beauty, since these floors represent the trend of this year and the number of people who are converting these floors into part of their home each day and increasing more. Finally, we suggest you visit this discounted flooring page and grab the opportunity to fulfill your dream home at low cost.

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