How to Paint House? Step by Step Tips For Make Your House Beautiful

How to Paint House? Step by Step Tips For Make Your House Beautiful

The walls of your house scream for a hand of paint, but you have no budget for painters and you prefer to take care of paint house. Well, these are the steps that you must follow and everything you have to keep in mind to decorate your home.

Paint House walls step by step

Paint house walls of your house with the following our tips. By this get a perfect decoration for your home by giving the colors appropriate to the walls of your house. Do not forget to choose the most suitable colors giving luminosity to all corners.

1. Choose the color of the painting

How to Paint House?
Color Chart

To get right with the color, regardless of the general recommendation to take on light colors in small spaces. In low light and leave the dark only for large and bright spaces, keep in mind the following.

When you buy the painting, do not rely on the tones on the sample cards:

The piece is so small, and there are so much similar that you can easily miss yourself. It is best to take an object with the exact color you are looking. For example, the piece of cloth or a cushion.

If you are very demanding, once at home, paint 1 square meter of the wall and wait the next day. Watch the tone as the light conditions change: with natural light, at night. The variations may not like you. Also, you will be able to check how they combine with it the fabrics or the color of the furniture.

2. Match with the type of paint

How to Paint House?
Types Of House Paint

The most recommended for the walls of the house is the plastic paint because it is aromatic. It dries fast, and its remains are removed well with water. With a kilo of plastic paint, the best for the walls of the house. You can paint about 8 square meters. Within this type of painting you can choose from the following varieties:

Satin plastic paint. A brilliant color that leaves a finer finish, but it is somewhat harder to apply than matt paint, so it is advised for ceilings. It also withstands the passage of time and dirt better.

Matte plastic paint. The matte paint is simpler to apply, but it gets dirty. If the walls have many irregularities, the matt paint will disguise them better.

We recommend Rust-Oleum paint for your house.

Of both, you can eliminate the rubs with a rag moistened, as long as the painting is of high quality.

To paint the walls of the bathroom or kitchen, use waterproof or vinyl acrylic paint. It is very resistant.

3. Basic tools you will need

How to Paint House?
Paint tools

Bucket with the sponge: Before being applied, the plastic paint should be diluted in water. You’ll do it in a bucket. Make buy prednisone online cheap sure you have at least the same width as the rollers you are going to use to squeeze.

Roller: For water paint and plaster walls, the best is synthetic or natural wool. Buy short hair if the wall is smooth and long if it is very irregular. They also sell textures to obtain decorative finishes. Of course, for the roofs, you will need an extension for the roller.

Brushes: Brushes are essential to painting the area that borders the ceiling and baseboards. As well as the outlines of windows and doors, and corners. To do this easily, buy three sizes of brushes: 100 mm, 40 mm and 25 mm. One of the brushes must end in the tip, to use in the angles. Synthetics are releasing all the time bristles that stuck to the wall. As a tip, before starting to use a brush pull the spikes. So that, those that are already loose are detached.

Bodywork or masking tapes: Its use is to cover with it interrupts, door and window frames, skirting boards. The piece of ceiling touches the wall that we are going to paint, the contours of the radiators to avoid staining them with paint. The tape should be paper, which fits better and removable. Of course, it must be removed before the paint dries so that it does not rise.

Cartons: Newspaper papers are not enough to protect the soil, it will ultimately stain. The best thing is to use packages, joining them to cover the entire surface.

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Moist cloths: They can be useful for cleaning on the go possible paint jets that fall on the base, on the door.

Old or plastic sheets: You will need them to cover the furniture that by its size you have decided not to remove from the room.

4. Prepare the walls before painting

First of all, you have to prepare the walls before painting. If the painting from previous years easily rises or wrinkles, remove with a spatula and match with a fine sandpaper. If there are cracks, cover them with a specific paste and then sand to match. Do not forget to remove the dust from the sanding.

How to Paint House?
Wash walls before painting

5. What order to follow to paint house

It is advisable to start painting on the ceilings because if you dribble something on the walls, it will cover when you paint them.

The first thing to paint the house, with a brush, are the corners. Also, check the repaired cracks. Then pass the drained roller.

Do the same with the looks, and paint house from top to bottom for a perfect finish.

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