Green tea: 25 benefits and How to Take Green Tea Properly?

Green tea: 25 benefits and How to Take Green Tea Properly?

Do you know what the 25 most important benefits and How to Take Green Tea? An up-to-date list of the main effects of green tea for your health. That green tea is an authentic gift of nature in favor of your health, there is no one who doubts it. In this article you can find out what green tea is for fasting or after meals.

What does the green tea work for?

How to Take Green Tea
How to Take Green Tea

Green tea is synonymous with health and longevity. Its antioxidant components are so many and so important that it seems unnecessary to highlight each of its many benefits over different body systems and organs.

However, it never hurts to remember how a refreshing infusion of green tea can relieve you of some of the most frequent health problems, in a fast and natural way.

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In this way, you will find information in particular, of each effect of green tea in favor of your health and How to Take Green Tea properly.

25 Benefits of Green Tea

How to Take Green Tea
25 benefits and How to Take Green Tea

1.- It reduces the risk of cancer.

2.- It prevents cardiovascular diseases.

3.- Combats aging.          

4.- It helps to lose weight.

5.- It prevents wrinkles.

6.- Reduces the risk of arthritis.

7.- Strengthens the bones.         

8.- It helps to lower cholesterol.

9.- Prevent obesity.       

10.- It is good for diabetes.

11.- Strengthens memory.          

12.- Protects against Parkinson’s disease.

13.- It is a hepatoprotection.     

14.- Prevents hypertension.

15.- Protect from food poisoning.            

16.-Reduces blood glucose levels.

17.- Stimulates immunity.           

18.- Avoid colds and flu.

19.- Relieves asthma.    

20.- Combat ear infections.

21.- It contributes in the treatment against herpes.         

22.- Prevent cavities.

23.- Reduces stress.

24.- Relieves allergies.

25.- Mitigates HIV.      

How to Take Green Tea?

How to Take Green Tea
25 benefits and How to Take Green Tea

Recommended Daily Dose

If you do not have any health problems that can be considered a contraindication to green tea, you can drink everything you want. In fact, experts recommend that you drink at least 4 cups a day.

Suggested times

You can drink green tea at any time, but it is recommended that it be at least one hour before and after meals. Drinking green tea fasting is also highly recommended, as your body will more easily absorb its assets.

Formats or presentations

It should be noted that you can consume the tea in different ways. In this list you can find the most popular.

Green Tea Infusions: You can take it alone or in combination with other teas, spices and herbs.

Green tea in capsules: They are supplements that replace perfectly to the infusion of green tea (that is to say, they have the same properties).

Milkshakes with green tea: They are refreshing, especially if they have fruits as ingredients. This infusion fits perfectly with citrus and tropical fruits in general.

Remedies with green tea: By its properties, can be combined with other ingredients to prepare remedies of internal and external consumption.

These are not the only ways, only the most common. You can also use green tea to make refreshing drinks and slush.

What do you use the green tea for?

Reduce the risk of cancer.

Fight with Aging.

Help to lose weight.

Prevent wrinkles.

Reduce the risk of arthritis.

Reduce the level of cholesterol.

Strengthen bones.

Fight against diabetes.

Strengthen memory.

Prevent obesity.

Protect the liver.

Prevent hypertension.

Stimulate immunity.

Avoid colds and flu.

Relieve Asthma.

Prevent cavities.

Reduce stress.

Treat herpes.

Mitigate HIV.

Relieve Allergies.

Protect you from poisoning.

Reduce heart problems.

Prevent Parkinson’s Disease.

Control the level of glucose.

Undoubtedly, green tea is a super drink whose properties never seem to end. So, we suggest you take 4 times a cup of green tea instead of normal tea or black tea. It will better for your health and mind. Hopefully, you realize the benefits of green tea and how to take green tea properly.

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