How to tame a Minecraft ostrich?

How to tame a Minecraft ostrich?

Very good my people, today I bring you Everything about the Ostrich in Minecraft in a very particular guide because this creature does not appear normally in the game, we are going to delve into it little by little, so without more, let’s get to it.

How to tame a Minecraft ostrich?

To tame an ostrich you don’t need much, always remember that in order to find them we must have the Mod Creature. Once we have found it, we will only need a saddle and we will be ready, we will be able to climb on it, jump, walk, run and it will always listen to us. Also read: How to swim in minecraft?

Minecraft ostrich

Steps to tame a Minecraft ostrich:

1. Find a wild ostrich and equip a saddle on your Hotbar (make sure it is the one currently equipped, not any other saddle you may have in your inventory)

2. Get close to the ostrich without spooking it.

3. Once close enough quickly press the space bar (your character will jump onto the ostrich’s back).

4. Hold down W (forward) to remain seated and hold the mouse wheel down to speed up.

5. After being tamed, sheared on multiplayer you can find wool on their backs, and make an ostrich shield (2×2 square) by right-clicking the wool.

6. Thank you for taming your new pet!

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Note: If riding and left alone on a block above ground, the ostrich will run away and never return to its owner when dismounted. However, if you are traveling long distances it is often advisable to dismount and walk to avoid tiring it, without fear of it running away.

An Ostrich Egg can be obtained by killing an Ostrich on a multiplayer server. If you then cook said ostrich egg in a furnace the result will be an oil bucket which may then be used as a fluid container or fuel for a furnace. If you place an Ostrich egg on top of the side of another same height block (one higher than the ground) it will bounce and eventually break, revealing an ostrich baby inside. This baby can be tamed just like its parents but lacks wool when sheared.

Where to find the Minecraft Ostrich?

The first thing we should know is that the Ostrich is not a mob that we can easily find in Minecraft by downloading any version, and this is because the Ostrich only appears when we have the Mo Creatures active in our Minecraft, bringing with it about 50 creatures with which interact, this Mod was created in 2010 by Drzhark and was only made for versions 1.5.2, 1.6.4 and 1.7.2 of the world of Minecraft, knowing all this, let’s talk about where we can find this creature.

Minecraft ostrich

Ostriches appear in the desert baiones being one of the many creatures that we can find in this Mod, it should also be noted that when we find an ostrich we can run with the luck of also finding an egg of it, we can grab it, but we must be careful because when taking it the ostrich will attack us.

Name an Ostrich in Minecraft

To name an Ostrich we must do as with any other Minecraft Mob, we will only need an anvil and a name tag, already with these materials and doing the usual procedure, we can name our friend.

What does the Minecraft Ostrich eat?

Ostriches in Minecraft eat different things, but one of which you can give them is chicken, it should be noted that this must be cooked, and if your ostrich is suddenly hurt and its life is reduced, we can feed it ostrich leg and this will recover its life, that’s right, with an ostrich leg we can heal it, the truth is that not even Hitler dared so much.

How to reproduce an Ostrich in Minecraft?

To reproduce the ostriches we just have to wait for one of them to lay an egg, in this way we take the egg and proceed to place it near several torches, once there, with the passage of a few seconds or minutes the egg will hatch.

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