How to swim in minecraft?

How to swim in minecraft?

It’s really easy and it’s pretty funny, especially when you have companions with you! So now let’s get started, and swim in Minecraft!

How to swim in Minecraft?

How to swim in minecraft

Follow these steps to learn how to swim in Minecraft:

Step 1:

Open your world and find some water. Use whatever you like to explore the world, I’m going ultra-fast here.

Here’s some nice lake just waiting for a swimmer to come along! Get out of the boat (if you came by boat), then right-click on the side of the boat and press “e” to open it. Read more: What are sponges used for in minecraft

Look inside with F3, there’s an item in the center of the boat. If you see nothing, get out the boat again and look at another side (or use F5).

What you need is a “fishing rod + bobber”. You can make one by dropping a stick and crafting it into a fishing rod with your wooden pickaxe. Then combine the stick with three strings from spider webs, which are pretty common in most biomes.

Then craft this together with getting 2 fish together (you should be able to catch them on your own) – now you have a fishing rod! Use the left mouse button to cast it aside. This is a pretty common thing, now we’re going to the next step.

Step 2:

Cast your fishing rod and wait until you catch something fishy! If you didn’t have any luck in the previous attempt or you had no fishing line at all, just keep casting out into deeper water (the fishing rod has unlimited range, so feel free).

Step 3:

Catch something fishy! There are some of them swimming below the surface nearby on my picture above, but I don’t know what they exactly are for sure. The only one I caught was “fish”. So make sure it’s a real fish and not that block with fins.

Step 4:

When you manage to catch something, click on it with the left mouse button.

Step 5:

You should be on the menu for catching things. Press Esc to exit this “catching mode”! Now look at your inventory tab and you’ll see a fish there.

Step 6:

Click on the fish and press C, then go back into catching mode if you need more fish! Do not keep them in your inventory or they will disappear!

Step 7:

When done catchin’ some fish, just do what I did: use the right mouse button + W+S keys (walk while sneaking) so that you no longer stand on the surface, but on the bottom of your boat.

Step 8:

Now you can dive down! Press Space and Z at the same time. You might have to do this a couple of times in order to not drown… But you’ll get it eventually!

Step 9:

So now we’re underwater, and you can swim around as usual! Oh, one more thing: while underwater, press the “Q” + left mouse button in order to breathe as shown above. Feel free to use “Shift” + “Space” (jump up) for swimming too.

Step 10:

After some swimming practice, just come back by catching some more fish or just diving down again (press Space+Z)

Step 11:

If you feel like it, just exit the water and use the right mouse button + W+S keys to sneak walk into your boat again.

Have fun with swimming in Minecraft 🙂

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