The Rugby World Cup is the one of the biggest sporting events in the world, placing third after the Summer Olympics and the World Cup in football. This is held every four years and is the most prestigious sporting event. This competition takes seven weeks to complete with players from all over the world wanting to appear for their country team. The next World Cup in rugby is being hosted in Japan in September 2019 with 20 teams participating. This event will be spread in 12 different places throughout Japan.

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The Rugby World Cup has announced a new logo based on the theme of unity. The competition has never been staged in Japan before and the logo represents Japan’s desire to unite as one with players and fans from around the world, working towards a common goal of making rugby a global sport for all. The logo for this world cup displays sunrise and Mount Fuji alongside the World Rugby logo.

Here are some interesting facts about the Rugby World Cup:

  • Before the first Rugby World Cup was held in 1987, the US officially became the rugby competition.
  • World Cup winning teams are awarded the William Webb Ellis Cup. He was a student at Rugby school who is said to have created the original game. Revitalise your training session with tips from Rugby Drills at
  • New Zealand won the most at the World Cup in 1987, 2011 and 2015. Both South Africa and Australia won twice.
  • The first Rugby World Cup held in 1987 did not have a qualifying tournament stage. Each IFRB member was entered in a reserve position filled by invitation.
  • The only country that has both hosted and won the tournament was New Zealand in 1987 and 2011 and South Africa in 1995.
  • The most points scored against a team in a World Cup match were 145 and were scored by New Zealand against Japan in 1995. They scored 21 tries to defeat the Japanese during the match. The biggest margin of victory was achieved by Australia in 2003 which had a difference of 142 against Namibia.

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  • Other facts for Namibia – Rudie van Vuuren played in rugby union and the cricket world cup in 2003.
  • Two places that have held World Cup finals twice are Eden Park in Auckland in 1987 and 2011 and Twickenham Stadium in London in 1991 and 2015.
  • The only country from the northern hemisphere that has won the Rugby World Cup was England in 2003.
  • British rugby player Mike Tindall married into the English royal family. His wife is none other than Zara Phillips, the daughter of Princess Anne of England and cousin of Prince William.

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