123movies closed! Don’t worry, we find out the best alternatives 

Web pages that allow downloading files come and go frequently. Many of them are often forced to close for various reasons, one of the most common that the audiovisual industry has focused on you, and I threaten you with very serious legal repercussions if you do not close. This is what happened to 123movies.

teenage birthday party

How to Organize Teenage Birthday Party at Home?

Do you want to prepare a party for your son, brother, or a teenage family member or close? But do not you know how to do it or where to start? The reality is that teenage birthday party organize can be a complicated and even detestable task. Let’s know the teenage party ideas at home. 

Top tiled flooring trends

Tiled flooring will never go out of fashion. Tiles are versatile, durable and range hugely in price, with something for every budget. Trends always change, however, and here we look at the top emerging trends. Image Credit Textile effect tiles Tiles textured to resemble fabrics such as linen, hessian, tweed and tartan are likely to […]

The damage that weather can do to your property

Many people like to talk about the weather. But most of them usually do not like to discuss how the weather can damage their homes. Here are seven different ways that the weather can cause damage to your home. Wind This is perhaps the most damaging type of weather pattern. Strong winds from tornadoes and […]

Content marketing and earned media : What do you need to know?

Earned media is becoming a very common term, but what exactly does it mean – and how can it benefit your business? Image Credit Here is everything you need to know about earned media and content marketing. Earned content Social media is extremely popular now, and every day billions of posts are shared across various […]

Wimbledon No. 1 court gets retractable roof

It was Good news for tennis fans as court number one joined centre court in getting a retractable roof. A £70m improvement project on the facilities at the All England Tennis Club at Wimbledon went underway, and the retractable roof is in play from the middle of 2019. Image Credit Not all Wimbledon locals were […]

Small businesses take security measures

With the world becoming increasingly digital, even for the smallest business with no direct ties to the IT world, digital security needs to be a serious consideration for every business owner. Image Credit Data breaches cost UK businesses tens of millions of pounds. Add to that the GDPR, came into effect in 2018, which came […]

Prepare your fleet for bad weather

Our winters can get pretty stormy, so it is important to consider how extreme weather conditions can affect your fleet. There is an increasing need to ensure your fleet is suitable for the road and the driver knows how to operate safely in dangerous conditions that can occur as a result of extreme weather.

Rugby World Cup Facts

The Rugby World Cup is the one of the biggest sporting events in the world, placing third after the Summer Olympics and the World Cup in football. This is held every four years and is the most prestigious sporting event. This competition takes seven weeks to complete with players from all over the world wanting […]

David v Goliath: Branding is the key weapon in helping SMEs to compete with giants

Put simply, your brand says everything about the values your people have and how they demonstrate it and in essence, your brand is the perception your customers have of your organisation. Image Credit With organisations as large as the BBC stating that their brand is the most valuable asset they have, it’s time for small […]

Glueing metal to metal successfully

You can solder metal to metal, but the quickest and easiest way to join metals is by using a strong glue. The surface needs to be clean, and the right glue must be applied. To make sure the adhesive will stick, you need to get rid of any dirt or dust on the surfaces by […]

Roman Bath time. Quite an experience.

In the Monty Python film “The Life of Brian” there is a famous scene when the leader of the Jewish rebels asks “what have the Romans done for us?” One of the many things they bring that is pointed out to him is the establishment of public health. For a while in the first 5 […]