iPhone X vs Samsung Galaxy S8, Which is better?

iPhone X vs Samsung Galaxy S8, Which is better?

Although the S8 is an old acquaintance, even if it only has a few months to live, the model presented by Apple is very even in most of the characteristics but not so much. According to best tech magazine, we discuss an ultimate battle of iPhone X vs Samsung Galaxy S8. Which phone is better to buy? Our answer is iPhone X. Why? Read now.

Comparison of iPhone X vs Samsung Galaxy S8

iPhone X vs Samsung Galaxy S8
Geekbench score: iPhone X vs Samsung Galaxy S8

Going into the matter, both phones have 5.8 inches. However its dimensions vary a bit, while the iPhone X is wider and finer, the S8 is higher. S8 is 12.36 x 1.09 x 077 centimeters of the Apple device, compared to 14.9 x 6.81 x 0.8 centimeters from the Samsung terminal. However, S8 weighs 155 grams while the other has a weight of 174 grams.

The speed of the processor takes the prize Apple with the Chip A11 Bionic of six cores, while the Galaxy S8 has the game of the processor Samsung Exynos 8895.

Although there are not many checks, a test like the Benchmark of Geekbench that points to the iPhone X is faster than the S8. The firm that runs Tim Cook wants efficiency so that applications that require facial recognition or mixed reality do not slow down. We also present in our previous article the ultimate battle on iPhone 7 Plus vs Samsung Galaxy S7 edge.

Camera difference of iPhone X vs Samsung Galaxy S8

Do not forget the camera, as the mobile of the tenth anniversary is the first terminal that includes a dual rear camera with two objectives. But the S8 does not have, although it is integrated into another model of the company just released: the Note 8.

iPhone X vs Samsung Galaxy S8
Camera difference

The resolution of the camera is equivalent to the two smartphones, 12 megapixels. On the other hand, the front camera of the Galaxy S8 is winning with 8 megapixels, buy prednisone online now compared to 7 megapixels of the iPhone X.

Check battery before buy

As for the battery, you cannot talk about an average of hours, but the expense per activity. If the user is talking on the phone, the iPhone can stand up to one hour longer than the Samsung. If you are surfing the internet, both will hold the same. Unless the Samsung is a 3G whose battery lasts one hour less. If you are watching a video, the S8 can hold up to three hours more; while if you are playing music, the iPhone has a more durable battery. Especially if the production is through wireless headphones. So the battery of the iPhone holds a “little bit” more.

In terms of facial recognition technology

It is at the forefront thanks to artificial intelligence, both terminals have their own systems. However, Samsung divides it into two aspects, thanks to iris recognition that promises to be safer.

Samsung has a greater option to choose the type of authentication: eyes, face, code or points. Apple has not yet managed to integrate a fingerprint detector under the screen, which Samsung has achieved.

However, according to best tech magazine, during one moment of the presentation, the system did not recognize the bearer. So, it remains to wait for the survey if it is better.

In short

iPhone X vs Samsung Galaxy S8
iPhone X vs Samsung Galaxy S8

The iPhone X is wider and thinner, has a more powerful processor, has a dual rear camera to generate depth effects, the battery lasts longer, and has evolved the evolution of emoji. While the Samsung S8 is a higher terminal and weighs less. It has a front camera with better resolution, the recognition by iris promises greater security in the authentication, you can choose different types of identification. The differences on iPhone X vs Samsung Galaxy S8 are very few but a large difference in price.

iPhone X: $999 to $1,150 (depends on storage and color).

Samsung galaxy s8: $749 to $899.

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