The list of the worlds most pampered pets of 2020

The list of the worlds most pampered pets of 2020

We can all be guilty of spoiling our beloved pets a little too much sometimes, but nothing can be compared with the pampered pets in this list. Let’s look at some of the most pampered pets in the world of the past and present:

Siamese cat

This cat has a reputation for being hard to please, but we must imagine Karl Lagerfeld’s Siamese named Choupette, is more than happy with her lot. She has an iPad and has two personal servants who maintain the daily acts listed in the diary, so Karl can see what she has been up to. He ended up with Choupette after cat-sitting for a model and fell in love with the white cat. He refused to give her back and the rest is history.

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Stray Cat

Fate definitely changed for this little wild black cat called Tommasino. The stray was taken in by the late Maria Assunta in Italy, who just happened to be very rich. The cat is now worth a whopping $ 15.6 million after inheriting all the property that Assunta left in death. This makes Tommasino the third richest pet on earth and with his wealth, he often enjoys milk from a saucer and biscuits!

Teacup Chihuahua

The tiny chihuahua belonging to Paris Hilton is a published author! He allegedly ‘ghost wrote’ the Tinkerbell Hilton Diaries. Paris is so attached to her tiny companion that she offered $ 5,000 dollars for the safe return after she disappeared in 2004. This rogue chihuahua best known for her fashion sense, is often seen in the handbag of Paris Hilton wearing a pink Chanel jumper and slippers made by Louis Vuitton!

Max the Pig

Who would have thought that George Clooney had a pet pig? In fact, the 300-pound porker used to share a bed with Gorgeous George! He lived a long and happy existence before his death, aged 18 in 2006. It was a joke that this relationship is the longest ever for Clooney. He even accompanied him TV interview!

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The Maltese

The now deceased Trouble was a Maltese owned by hotel heiress Leona Helmsley. Helmsley left the pooch of a whopping $ 12 million when she died. As a result, the Maltese travel by private limousine, dined on fresh chicken and wore a dog collar made of diamonds! This pampered dog enjoyed a life most of us can only dream of. $ 8,000 per year was spent on personal care, he had a bodyguard and a diet that cost thousands of dollars per year. Why not treat your pooch to a little of the red carpet treatment with Designer Dog Collars from 

German shepherd

The title of the richest dog in the world went to Gunther IV, a German Shepherd, who was said to be worth about $ 140 million. A group of representatives bought a villa for $ 3 million from Madonna on his behalf and he also has properties in Italy, the Caribbean and Germany. He once bought a rare truffle for $ 1,500. Now, that’s one business-smart dog!

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