Is Your Wood Furniture Worth Refinishing?

Is Your Wood Furniture Worth Refinishing?

When it comes to refinishing wood furniture, N-Hance of Spokane has you covered. But is that wood furniture worth refinishing in the first place? You may be surprised to find out that old and battered wood dresser or chair could benefit greatly from getting refinished.

Maybe it’s a piece you’ve had in the family for generations but you’re considering scrapping because it seems too far gone. Perhaps you’ve come across something at a yard sale or thrift shop that you absolutely adore except it looks pretty beat up. Now you can take a more critical eye to auditing the condition of your wood furniture in order to determine if it’s worth refinishing.

Here are the factors to consider in the debate over whether or not to refinish:

Falling Apart

For starters, is the piece starting come loose. A good way to determine this is to give it a hard shake. Does the piece seem sturdy or is it all rickety and loose? If there are drawers, yank them out and shove them back in. Do they work properly?

How shaky is the piece? You may need to re-glue it and that could cost more than you may want to spend. Depending on the extent of the damage, the reattachment process could run you a few hundred dollars on the low end. Not everyone knows how to glue wood furniture back together effectively and if this sounds like you, it’ll need a professional touch.

Painted or Not

If that lucky find at the thrift shop has been painted you may want to leave it there. Furniture that has been painted could be concealing significant damage that will be very difficult to remove. Things like water damage, stains, and missing veneer are reasons why someone may paint their furniture.

But if that piece only has some old varnish applied to the surface, you could be in good shape for making your purchase. Old or worn out varnish can be stripped away rather easily and varnish isn’t hiding anything that you’re going to come across later. Best of all, stripping that faded varnish is pretty easy, just about anyone can do it successfully.

Picturing the Finished Product

So you have designs on refinishing that piece of wood furniture but you’re not sure what the end product will look like. Perhaps you’re trying to figure out if this is something you can put in your home without clashing with the rest of the décor.

No problem. It doesn’t matter how long that wood furniture has been left to deteriorate, you don’t need to guess as to what it will look after it’s been fully refinished. You just simply find an area where the original wood is still exposed without any stain or varnish on it. For most pieces this is underneath or inside the furniture.

Get a long look at the color, the grain, and the overall appearance of the wood so you can better imagine what the wood will look like when the entire piece has been refinished. Just keep in mind that older wood may appear slightly darker than normal after you’ve had it refinished.

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