Tips and tricks of Windows 10 pro 32/64 bit that you have to know

Tips and tricks of Windows 10 pro 32/64 bit that you have to know

Windows 10 pro 32/64 bit is here again to surprise you. If you are wanting to update your operating system but still do not know how to start with it, you have found the right place. We leave here the best tips and tricks so you can take advantage of all the features and developments that brings Windows 10 pro 32/64 bit.

List of tips and tricks about Windows 10 pro 32/64 bit

  • Customize the start menu.
  • Use Cortana in Windows 10.
  • Additional applications you should try.
  • New keyboard shortcuts.
  • Using the virtual desktop function.
  • New Mail application.
  • New Edge browser.

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Customize the start menu

Windows 10 pro 32/64 bit
Start menu

Now you can adjust the size of the start menu. This can be surprising for some, even strange, but you can leave it the height and width that you like the most. You can make the start menu occupy the entire left part of the screen. Make it a thin transverse strip. Any of the options you want will like you. The toolbar can also be adjusted. So, you can have many customization possibilities on your device. In short, having such a customized start menu is cool.

Use Cortana in Windows 10

Windows 10 pro 32/64 bit
Ask any question to Cortana

Cortana is already here, in Windows 10 pro, taking control of the searches and many other things that may be more cumbersome in the operating system. It also does with Windows Phone. On the other hand, your default configuration will not listen or listen to your orders

If you want to be able to release orders or commands to your computer, start Cortana through the search icon in the toolbar and then choose Notepad in the left panel. There, enter settings and activate the option “Allow Cortana to respond when you say ‘Hey Cortana'”. For this you will have to activate the microphone of your computer.

While you are researching between Cortana’s options, you can enter the Notepad menu to adjust exactly what data Cortana can access. For this reason, you should also know that the effectiveness of Cortana will be directly proportional to the information that you know, as it happens with Google.

Additional applications you should try

Windows 10 pro 32/64 bit
Apps Menu

Windows 10 pro comes with some cool applications, like the new one for the Xbox. The Project Spartan browser, and many more. These are good applications to try when you start with Windows 10. Microsoft is also making versions available for touch screens of Word, Excel and Power Point. All these are universal applications. So, they will run in the same way on phones, computers and tablets.

On the other hand, Microsoft has not yet released applications similar to those optimized for tablets and phones. These applications do not come by default with Windows 10 pro 32/64 bit. So, to get them you must download them in the Store. Microsoft will also launch the Music and Video preview applications, which are designed to replace existing video and music applications in Windows 8.1. These two applications will present a modern image, with the design that Microsoft wants to implement in all applications of the operating system.

New keyboard shortcuts

Windows 10 pro 32/64 bit
Keyboard shortcut

Most of them include the Windows key. The new possibilities of the split screen will allow you not only to have a part of the screen occupied with a program, but also to move through each of the quadrants. For example, with the Windows key and the right and top cursors you can move to the upper right corner of the screen. Go faster with windows central about the ultimate guide to Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts.

The combination between the Windows key and the Tab opens and leaves open the screen where you can see all the applications and programs running, as well as the virtual desktops. To access the last desktop, you can use Windows + Control + D. Windows + C will activate the Cortana’s listening function. So, you can give your sound instructions. The Windows-S key will give you a view on weather, news and sports. You can also get a lot of new shortcuts with the combination of capitals and arrow keys.

Using the virtual desktop function

Windows 10 pro 32/64 bit
Image source: Google

Virtual desktops are one of the favorite things for Windows users. It is also one of the best features of Windows 10. You can move programs from one virtual desktop to another, as easy as accessing the task window with Windows keys + Tab and then right clicking on the application you want to move from one desktop to another simply by right clicking and choosing “move to”, to move it to the desktop you want.

With Windows 10 it is very easy to create different desktops and run virtual applications in each of them. In case you do not want to use this function, you can remove the “task view” button.

New Mail application

Windows 10 pro 32/64 bit
Setup mail box

This is very simple, especially for those who are already using the mail application that was included in the latest versions of Windows. Now, the Windows 10 mail client allows you to collapse the conversations in the mail view, and also use a preview. In addition, it integrates buttons for new contacts and calendar applications. You can also add different email accounts from different providers.

New Edge browser

Windows 10 pro 32/64 bit
Edge browser

Most users were tired of the problems and incompatibilities that Internet Explorer gave with some pages. They also felt the same about the operation of previous versions. It had been corrected slightly in the most recent ones. But now, the new Windows 10 Edge explorer takes a big leap forward and not only will it give you more speed when navigating. It will also surprise you by the great compatibility it shows. As if that were not enough, Windows 10 pro 32/64 bit also comes with a lot of tools that were not available in Internet Explorer. Such as the possibility of annotating pages, adding extensions and a reading view.

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