Volunteers Sought For Blackpool’s Race For Life Pretty Muddy

Cancer Research’s famous fundraiser, the Race for Life, has been around for a few years and has becomes a staple in the fundraising calendar.

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This year’s event in Blackpool is slightly unusual in the sense that the event on the Fylde coast is calling for men to sign up, too. The Race for Life itself remains women-only, which means only female competitors will be racing, but the men will play an important part in supporting the event.

Opportunities For All

The support roles include general encouragement for participants around the course, but as this is a “Pretty Muddy” version, race organisers also need help in the form of “mud mixers” to get the mud at just the right consistency for contenders to crawl and wade through.

For more information on the Race for Life and all the work of Cancer Research, see their website.

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Strength And Fitness

Whilst women of all levels of fitness take part in the Race for Life, with some running and others walking, maintaining a basic level of fitness is important for our general wellbeing. That starts in childhood, with regular activity and a healthy diet that forms lifelong good habits.

Many children learn to ride a bike, but many parents are now increasingly wary of allowing their children out on bikes with the risk of traffic and busier roads. Thankfully, there are plenty of other ways for little ones to stay active.

If space allows, childrens wooden climbing frames like those available from specialist retailers like NI Climbing Frames http://www.niclimbingframes.com/ are a great way for children to keep fit without really feeling that they are doing any exercise.

Parents ought to be encouraging their children to undertake a variety of sports and activities so they can build endurance, strength and flexibility. Endurance activities are great for all the family and they might include walking, cycling and swimming. Activities like climbing will build strength, and even simple things like tying shoelaces will help improve flexibility.

Sedentary Lifestyles

There are lots of things that are contributing to society being more sedentary as a whole, especially with much of our entertainment being on screens. Help children by limiting the time they spend each day playing video games, watching TV or playing with mobile devices, and encourage them to spend more time outside being physically active.

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