Top tiled flooring trends

Top tiled flooring trends

Tiled flooring will never go out of fashion. Tiles are versatile, durable and range hugely in price, with something for every budget. Trends always change, however, and here we look at the top emerging trends.

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Textile effect tiles

Tiles textured to resemble fabrics such as linen, hessian, tweed and tartan are likely to be big this year. These tiles can be arranged to reflect your existing soft furnishings and are a great idea for the bathroom, although they need deep cleaning regularly to stop mould and grime building up in the nooks and crannies. These tiles also look good as a feature on the floor in place of a rug.

Cement effect

Polished cement or concrete is certainly still in vogue; however, thanks to the high skill it needs to lay it, this can be costly. Cement effect or polished concrete tiles are a far cheaper way to get this beautiful effect in your own home.

Brick-look tiles

Moving on from the metro brick shape, we now have brick effect tiles that are textured just like bricks. These are being seen increasingly in kitchens, but also as whole walls. These bricks look brilliant paired with engineered wood flooring in dark oak.

Roofing Tiles

When thinking of tiles for the inside of your home, you might start thinking of the tiles for the outside of your house to.  If your looking at getting work done within your home it could be best to look at the roof first as potential damage, leaking or other problems could lead to further work.

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Big tiles

Oversize tiles in all materials are still very popular. Large tiles are a great way to fill a large space, such as a kitchen-diner, and are ideal for open plan homes. Stylish choices include ¾”-thick porcelain for a regal effect.

Unusual layouts

Moving away from the subway style of metro brick tiles, homeowners are getting more creative and coming up with vertical brick patterns or herringbone patterns for a new take on an existing trend.

Patterned tiles

Patterns never stay out of fashion for long, but this year it is all about the statement area. Kitchens are full of clean, straight lines, so add a small area of patterned tiles for a dramatic effect.

Cork tiles

Not seen since the 1970s, cork is seeing a surprising resurgence. A love of texture, natural materials and durability has helped to bring cork back to the fore.

From unique layouts to oversized tiles, innovative textile effects or even cork, new tile trends are everywhere. You can even choose a different trend for every room in the house!

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