Tips For Cleaning And Drying Your Carpets In The Winter

Tips For Cleaning And Drying Your Carpets In The Winter

The winter brings advantages and disadvantages in equal measure when it comes time to clean your carpets. The biggest threat, of course, is the excessive levels of moisture that can get tracked into the house from snow and ice outside. Shoes and boots that step indoors can leave behind wetness and stains that could seriously mar the appearance of your expensive floor coverings.

Many of these stains are a result of salt used to melt snow and ice from driveways, sidewalks, and roads, not to mention the dirt and grime that can get into the slush and snow along these areas as well.

These are not the things you want being ground into your beautiful carpets, but unfortunately, this is the season where such impacts are more prevalent and likely find their way indoors if you’re not careful.

Salt Stains

These are actually quite easy to eliminate, just combine warm water and white vinegar into a spray bottle, mixing them at a ratio of half the bottle for each. Spray the affected areas well and then gently rub the area with a brush or clean cloth to dredge up the salt to the surface of the fibers.

Once that’s done get another clean dry cloth or towel and blot the moistened area of the carpet. Do not wipe or you could press the stain into the fibers causing it to set. Vacuum once the area has dried. Be sure to allow it to try thoroughly by ensuring you leave the area fully ventilated.

Dirt and Slush Stains

Some soap and hot water is all you really need to get these stains out of the carpet. As always be gentle about cleaning the carpet fibers, blot excess moisture and don’t rub or you could drive the stain further into the surface.

Rinse with cold water when you’re done but don’t saturate the carpet, too much moisture can be damaging. Allow the carpet to dry fully.

A Word about Drying

You may be tempted to use a heater of some kind to help the carpet dry faster but this is a mistake. Do not dry to assist the drying process with any sources of warmth as this is only going to hinder instead of help.

That’s because the air is much drier during the winter and this helps moisture evaporate from any surface much quicker. When there is more moisture in the air that can make it harder for the evaporation process to take place. So when you are cleaning your carpet in the winter, just make sure the room has plenty of ventilation and the cool air can get at it.

Applying heat to the carpet will actually keep the wetness in the carpet longer and that can increase the potential for the growth of mold and mildew.

Of course, when in doubt or if there are stains that are just too hard to get out on your own, seek out reliable carpet cleaning services in Omaha to make your carpets look, smell, and feel their best in the winter or any other time of the year.



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