The new advice that you should know about car rental insurance

The new advice that you should know about car rental insurance

If you’re considering hiring a rental car then you’re probably focusing on the right size and spec of the car that you want. But it’s the insurance that you also need to be thinking about if you want the best possible service and cover at the right price.

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Once you’ve found the car that you want, you’ll be asked whether you want to buy extra coverage or insurance add-ons. you’ll be asked too whether you have existing insurance to cover your needs, which tends to be a question that many people aren’t really sure about.

Sure, you may think that your credit card is there to cover you in the event of a claim, but the fact is that it may not be sufficient – or even necessary to turn to.

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Know your needs

Before you do hire a car, check your existing motor insurance to understand the level of cover that you have. Also, look at the credit card that you plan to hire your rental car through, as providers can – and do – change their terms. Some offer rental car insurance as part of added package benefits. Some providers such as Citibank and American Express still do, but you must check the limits of the offer and the terms of it.

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If you do need to make a claim, then any insurance through your credit card could well cover it without needing to change the rate of your own car insurance. However, for this to be eligible, you will need to have paid for the rental as a whole with the credit card and decline any coverage from the car rental agency –

Get informed

If you use your own car insurance policy, bear in mind that the rental you take out will only be covered to the same level as your own vehicle. This may be a problem if you do need to make a claim. For example, you might not have comprehensive cover for your own vehicle, and simply third party, fire and theft. But a collision would then leave you out of pocket.

The takeaway is to do your research thoroughly and before you get to your online or in-store car rental point of purchase.


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