The benefits of plastic furniture

The benefits of plastic furniture

When it comes to choosing furniture for your home, you might think of plastic as something only for the garden or kid’s playroom. Chairs are one of the most common pieces of furniture found anywhere, whether it’s at home, in restaurants or the workplace and they come in many different sizes, styles, colours and materials. Plastic chairs offer great versatility for both indoor and outdoor and here are some reasons why you shouldn’t overlook the material for use in your home:

Weather Proof

Plastic is perfect in that it’s weatherproof. They can be used indoors but also placed in gardens, on patios and in conservatories.


The beauty of plastic is that it can be formed into almost any colour, size or style. That makes it easy to find whatever design you’re looking for to fit in with your existing décor in any environment.


Plastic can be combined with a multitude of other materials to create unique and attractive combinations. Perhaps you want a mix of plastic and chrome for a more stylish and elegant aesthetic.


Available in almost any style and varying comfort levels, plastic chairs can be reclining, upholstered for added comfort, used for studying, installed in a playroom and a great choice for kitchens. The chairs are lightweight, easy to manoeuvre and some can even be stacked allowing for more floor space when not in use. To get your hands on a unique Panton Chair, visit


Plastic is a tough material that offers excellent durability compared to other materials.


Plastic chairs are often cheaper than their wooden or steel counterparts. This makes them more affordable and with so many styles to choose from, they make for an easy purchase whether in store or online.

Low maintenance

One of the main benefits of plastic furniture is that it’s incredibly low maintenance. It doesn’t take any great building or setting up, it’s easy to readjust and move around and requires no painting or treating to prevent it from rusting for example.


If concerns for the environment are high on your agenda, you’ll be comforted by the knowledge that lots of plastic furniture is made from recycled plastic. The purchase of plastic can therefore lower your carbon footprint and stops trees being cut down to supply wood for furniture.

Here is a summary of the reasons, if you’re not yet convinced:

More affordable

Lightweight and easy to move

Usually unbreakable but won’t be damaged by dropping

Doesn’t require treatments or finishing

Available in a huge number of colours

Waterproof and won’t crack or rust

No sharp edges that children must avoid

Consider plastic furniture for any of the following areas:

Dining room


Tables & Chairs (Dining sets)


Patio furniture

Children’s playroom or bedroom


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