Six effective staircase lighting tips

Six effective staircase lighting tips

Staircases are often one of the first things someone sees when they enter your home. They are also an important feature of your house because you use them many times every day and they tend to form a central point in your home. Lighting on the staircase can make a huge difference to the overall look, so read on for some tips on achieving perfect staircase lighting.

staircase lighting tips

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Style and Function

Combine style with function for a great effect. Consider installing small lights along the stairs to light up each step without dominating the décor. This is also functional because it makes stepping up safer with the lights to guide your way.

If you have an exciting and individual staircase, such as a spiral staircase, you can play around with lightning to create a fun effect or drop a long-hanging lamp through the centre of the staircase. For more traditional staircases, recess lighting can work well.

Recess Lighting

Recess lighting can work particularly well on a staircase that is traditional in design as this is a functional and stylish choice that will also bring the staircase up to date. Recess lighting solutions are also space saving because they fit into the wall.

staircase lighting tips

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Consider Glare

You can find some staircase lighting glares as you ascend the staircase due to being at different levels with your eye line. Recessed lighting can avoid this glare problem, as can clever bulbs designed to avoid glare.

Turn Lighting into a Feature

Lighting can work well as a feature no matter where it is in your home. Staircase lighting can look great if it stands out, such as a bright and colourful tiffany lamp or even luxury chandeliers for a bold and sophisticated look. Many dramatic lighting solutions are available from online retailers and offline experts, such as For a subtler look, think about gentle colours and designs that won’t dominate. The trick is to turn lighting into a feature that complements the staircase.

Plan Ahead

Think about your lighting early when designing your staircase. Sometimes lights will need to be installed before all the stair features, while fixing points might get in the way. Planning lighting for under the stairs is also an important consideration when fitting lighting around a new or existing staircase. With forward planning, you can match stairs and lighting to great effect.

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