Selling Your Old iPhone

Selling Your Old iPhone

Apple has created a whopping 18 iPhone models since the original iPhone was released in June of 2007. That is more than one model per year. With more features and style being incorporated into each new device, users are always tempted to buy the newest one when it is released. After new iPhones are purchased, older models are left sitting in drawers to collect dust. What many people don’t realize is that these old iPhones are potentially worth a great deal of money. In fact, one recent estimate suggests that the stockpile of old iPhones throughout the country are worth $13.4 billion. To help users get a piece of this massive value, here are some ways to sell you old iPhone. 

1. Ask Friends and Family

 The easiest, safest and quickest method for selling an old iPhone is through people you already know. These people can include friends, family, colleagues or even acquaintances on social media. There is a whole demographic of people who prefer buying iPhones a few years after their official release date. Waiting just a year after a new iPhone is released can ensure that prices have dropped nearly in half. Ask around to friend and family to see if anyone is searching to buy an iPhone. It is important to ensure your phone is in proper working condition and doesn’t have too much damage. After finding someone interested in buying your iPhone, work out a price that satisfies both parties. This method doesn’t require any formal paperwork or any complicated tasks.

 2. Sell Online 

If you’re having trouble finding an interested buyer amongst friends and family, start advertising the old iPhone online. There are countless websites designed specifically for selling used items and devices. Some of the most popular platforms include eBay, Craigslist, Gum Tree and even Amazon. After creating an account, users can list an item for sale with a custom description and asking price. Some websites like eBay even allow potential buyers to bid on the goods in order to drive up the potential purchase price. These websites are a great way to find interested buyers as many people shop online for old iPhones. Selling online to a buyer is also one of the most lucrative ways to sell an old phone. Other official platforms may offer less money than an individual.

3. Apple GiveBack 

Apple launched their GiveBack program in an effort to cut down on the amount of unused iPhones circulating in the market. This platform is easy to use and can be accessed through Apple’s main website. The GiveBack program accepts all types of devices including tablets, laptops, smartwatches, and iPhones. After choosing which device to trade-in, users will be prompted to select their specific iPhone model. As of right now, Apple GiveBack only accepts the iPhone 5 and all more recent models. Users will have to select the GB capacity after selecting the model of iPhone. Apple also wants to know about the functioning of the device to understand the iPhone’s overall condition. After answering all of the questions, users will then be provided with an offer from Apple. Devices can be traded in for in-store credit. Apple will pay more for a newer model that has larger memory storage. For example, an iPhone 7 32 GB will be worth more than an iPhone 6 16GB. 

4. Online Recycling Services 

If you’re looking for cold, hard cash instead of in-store credit, there are more options available. There are many online recycling services that offer money in exchange for old iPhones. The process works very similar to the Apple GiveBack platform. Users must type in their model of iPhone and then hit the search button. The website will show a list of specific iPhone models and storage capacities. Users must select the most accurate description of their phone. For example ‘ iPhone 6 16GB ‘ is a specific description. The online recycling service will then offer a cash reward for that specific iPhone model.

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