Planning for summer cocktails with friends

Planning for summer cocktails with friends

We are quickly moving into the latter part of Spring and Summer will soon be upon us. Summer parties are a great way to enjoy the summer sun and spend some time with family and friends. When it comes to the drinks to serve it is worth looking at Mobile Bar Hire Cheltenham companies to have them come along and serve some delightful drinks to everyone.

Cocktails and mixes are a great choice for summer drinks with an incredible range available, meaning that you are bound to find something to your tastes. Here are a few options for you to consider.

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This popular drink was first created back in 1823 by James Pimm who was a farmer’s son in Kent. Pimms is a gin based drink and it was originally given to people as a way to aid their digestive system. In 1859 the distillery that produced Pimms started to sell this to the commercial market. During the summer this slightly spiced and citrus flavoured drink is often mixed with lemonade and then served with garnishes of apples, strawberries, lemons, cucumber and mint. It is a drink that is served at large scale events such as Wimbledon where jugs and jugs of Pimms are served each years along with tonnes of strawberries and cream.


Dating back to the 1920s this drink is based on tequila mixed with a variety of fruit juices and the addition of fruit as a garnish. The fruit that is included will alter the colour of the drink slightly but pretty much any fruit and garnish that you would include in a fruit salad can be added to a Sangrita drink. Most traditional recipes use lime, orange and pomegranate juices along with either tomato juice or chilli powder depending on whether you are wishing to create a hot spiced drink or a more refreshing summer drink.

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A Daiquiri can be made in a number of different ways but will always include the addition of rum, a citrus juice and either sugar or a sweetener. The most common citrus juice to be used is lime. The drink was originally served in a tall glass that had been filled with cracked ice with sugar poured over the ice along with lime juice and then white rum. It was then stirred with a long spoon and served. In more recent time the drink has been mixed in a cocktail shaker. The ingredients have remained the same but e drink is now shaken in the cocktail shaker along with shaved ice and then served into a chilled glass.

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