Why You Need a Wood Fired Oven in Your Life

In the grand scheme of things, a wood fired oven may not appear to be something that could change your life. Yet dip beneath the surface of this unassuming oven and you’ll discover a world of delectable dishes, a better way of living and a history that dates back as long as we can remember.

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Universal and Traditional

Wood fired ovens are called various names such as a chimenea (Mexico), a tandoor (India), a four banal oven system (France) and a masonry oven (including Persian Gulf). Most of us recognise a wood fired oven as the Roman or Black oven, on account of the blackened oven ceiling caused by soot from the burned wood. Colonial America evolved the concept and produced their beehive ovens, and Quebec based their ovens on the French banal ovens.

Original Family Stove

Cooking using a wood fired oven is not exclusive to Neopolitan pizzas with crisp crusts and perfect bases. The concept and design of a wood fired oven is primitive: a naked flame, an even high temperature and a well-sealed oven chamber made from any fire resistant material such as clay, buy prednisone 20mg tablets concrete and stone.

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Perfect Environment

A snug wood fired oven chamber creates a lot of consistent and even heat. The naked flame and heated stone creates a higher temperatures for cooking. Temperatures range between 300 and 350 degrees Celsius, and can be even hotter.

These hot temperatures mean a much faster cooking time: pizzas can cook within three minutes. But it’s not just about speed and convenience. A faster cooking time means your fruits and vegetables retain more nutrients than when cooked in a convection oven.

Wood fired ovens are also an economical option, requiring only wood to sustain cooking temperatures, rather than the electricity or gas powered options of our modern convection ovens.

And nothing can mimic the signature smoky flavour produced by a wood fired oven. Just listen to the experts. Not only do they know why, they know how to cook everything beyond a classic pizza including delicious chicken recipes http://food-tales.com/food-recipes/chicken/.

Who knew this modern day backyard ornament keeping us warm in winter and providing the occasional pizza in summer was such a versatile and economical choice, tapping into our collective cooking history.

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