Looking after your central heating during the summer

Looking after your central heating during the summer

Come the summer, the last thing on your mind is your central heating. However, it’s the perfect time for any maintenance and overhauling that it might need as it’s the time of year when you won’t be relying on it.

Summer is the ideal time to get your boiler serviced or having the entire system drained to be cleaned. Summer is also the best time if you’re thinking of changing and upgrading your radiators. While you’re busy applying sun cream and firing up the barbecue, it’s easy to forget about your central heating but if you want it ship-shape come autumn, summer is the time to act.

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Conventional Boilers

These standard boilers do not have a summer mode which means whenever you seek hot water, the boiler will click on as they are not independent of each other. The hot water is controlled by valves and a thermostat, so summer is a good time to check these are working properly. Locate your cold-water storage tank and check the overflow and ball valve movement. If your tank needs insulating, you should get this done now to reduce the reheat time of the water in the cylinder.

Central Heating Pump

To check this component, you’ll need to turn the heating on for a while first. You’ll need to check each radiator is warming up properly and listen out for any rattling noises from the pump. Bleeding the pump can often solve any noise issues.

Combi boilers

During the summer, you should be able to switch these over to summer mode when you no longer need the heating. These systems have no water storage element and so run far more efficiently, only heating the water that is required.

Professionals recommend that your central heating system should be cleaned once a year. You can flush the system yourself or get a professional to do it for you. For Boiler Installation Forest Of Dean, Green Planet Heating provide boiler installation in the forest of dean.

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If you’re looking to replace old radiators with new contemporary styles, then summer is the perfect time to do it. Even if you’re not replacing, you should consider adding in a thermostat to improve the efficiency of your system and gain a reduction in your heating bill by the end of winter.

Bleeding your radiators

At some point, most radiators will experience blockages or trapped air. This stops the water and heat from reaching the whole of the unit. Bleeding your radiators regularly can help to keep them operating at optimum capacity. Doing this during the summer ensures that any issues can be dealt with before the cold weather strikes.

Power Flush

If you’ve bled the radiators and this hasn’t fixed your issue, you might need to carry out a power flush of the whole system. It’s always advisable to get a professional to perform this for you as it will flush out any sludge or grime that’s built-up inside the system, helping it to run more efficiently.


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