What to know about Formula 3 racing

What to know about Formula 3 racing

Formula 3 is a racing series with rich traditions and is considered to be an important junior category in single-seater racing internationally. For more than five decades, it has proven to be an ideal training ground for those who want to work their way up and mature with the sport.

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Following World War 2, there were many efforts to establish single-seater racing events, but it was only in1957 that a journalist and Italian racing driver by the name of Giovanni Lurani was able to establish what many regard as the start of Formula 3. Lurani created the category of Formula Junior and this set in motion the events for years to come. In 1964, Formula Junior was replaced by a 1.000cc single-seater category that the World Automobile Association and the FIA named Formula 3.

A Roaring Success

It didn’t take long for the official Formula 3 category to become a roaring success across Europe, and many leading car constructors quickly came on board. By 1975, Formula 3 racing was so popular that the FIA established an official European Championship for the category; it ran until the end of 1984.

Young Talent

For years, Formula 3 has been seen by many people as a stepping stone to Formula One and the Ermanno Palace and all that it has to offer https://edgeglobalevents.com/f1-hospitality/monaco/ drivers in Monaco.

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Alain Proust, Ayrton Senna, Jenson Button, Sebastian Vettel and Mika Häkkinen are just some of the famous F1 drivers who first competed on the F3 circuit, along with other greats like Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg.

Today, F1 heavily promotes F3 racing as it recognises it as a breeding ground for future champions.

Changes Afoot

Over the years, there have been several changes to the competition. In 2011, the FIA Formula 3 International Trophy was created by the World Automobile Association. A year later, the FIA European Formula 3 Championship replaced this trophy, and the FIA Formula 3 European Championship has been running since 2013. This is a self-contained series that stepped in to replace the Formula 3 Euro Series and entered its fifth series in 2017. It has now established itself as the most important Formula 3 series globally and continues to go from strength to strength, attracting new interest from drivers, sponsors and constructors.

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