How to Choose a Plastic Security Seal

How to Choose a Plastic Security Seal

Tamper-evident seals are widely used security devices for a range of purposes and products. With various types and features on offer, here’s a look at the things to consider when finding the most suitable seal for your purposes.

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Seals with Fixed Length

Seals with a specific fixed length have a visible single lock mechanism, ideal for being tamper-evident. They can provide strong security for various industries, from loss prevention and transportation to logistics and supply chain.

Typically they can be purchased as padlock, twin tote or plastic truck, all of which make any evidence of tampering more obvious given the single lock in position. Once cut or unlocked, the fastening can’t be resealed, preventing misuse, tampering or attempts to cut the seal.

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Padlock Plastic Seals

Plastic padlock security seals are fixed length but come with a greater print area so users can add additional information. This type of security seal is popular when it comes to securing larger items such as cabinets, drums and catering carts and in industries where the additional information for security purposes is more imperative, such as the food, medical or airline industries.

The Nestlé UK logistics department uses and disposes of over 200,0000 seals each year. To be environmentally conscious, Nestle became the first large company aiming to employ biodegradable seals for their transport fleet.

Seals with Adjustable Length

Adjustable length options are highly versatile, as they can easily be cinched and tightened to secure a myriad of objects. Coming in varying strengths and lengths, these seals can secure the likes of cabinets, trailers, valuables when in transit or evidence.

While these are also tamper-evident, they do need to be tightened adequately with no looseness to prevent circumvention or seal cutting. To prevent cutting, some seals have indicators to make visible any evidence of a seal being cut and then resealed, which users would need to closely inspect to ascertain.

Break Strength

Break strength can range between seals that break below 15lbs to those requiring over 150lbs to break. You can find out more about security seals and specific features online.

Security seals help prevent tampering, deter theft and provide peace of mind for the user. With the purpose in mind, consider the optimal length, seal type and break strength to choose the most appropriate solution.


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