Glueing metal to metal successfully

Glueing metal to metal successfully

You can solder metal to metal, but the quickest and easiest way to join metals is by using a strong glue. The surface needs to be clean, and the right glue must be applied. To make sure the adhesive will stick, you need to get rid of any dirt or dust on the surfaces by confirming they are sanded and cleaned thoroughly. You may want to wear gloves because if you touch the bonding surface with your hands, the oil from your skin will rub on to the surface and affect the glue. If you use sandpaper with a fine grit, this will add texture to the two surfaces and make it easier for them to stick together.

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Choosing the right glue

There are several special adhesives for sticking metal to metal. Super glues are good choices, but make sure they are suitable for metals. Two-part epoxy is another good product. It comes in two components, which must be combined before they are used. There are several metal bonding adhesives on the market. Structural adhesives are ideal when you need a strong bond that will resist stress, chemicals and temperatures. Anaerobic adhesives are used as metal adhesives and sealants. Other adhesives, such as UV curable adhesives, are useful for bonding glass and metal, such as sticking metal hinges to glass doors.

How to apply the glues

Always read the manufacturer’s instructions to the letter. Make sure you give it enough time to set and that the two pieces cannot fall apart. Be careful that you do not have any spillages and that your workspace is well-ventilated.

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Clamping the metals

After the pieces are glued, you will need to apply pressure to keep them together until the glue sets. The best way is to clamp the two metals together. Read the drying times on the instructions so that the two pieces have enough time to bond.

Large scale

If your a large firm doing this we suggest any bending of the pieces of metal that need to be done preferably need to be finished by this point. There are some great pieces of technology and equipment out there that will help with this on a larger scale like Electric Press Brakes from sites including  Depeneding on the size of your business will depend on which one you choose but the specialists will help you with your decision.

Bonding specific metals

Different metals have different qualities, so you will need to make sure your adhesive is right for your particular use. For example, brass is malleable, resists corrosion and will readily bond with many types of adhesives. If you are using magnets, it is best to clean them with isopropanol beforehand to ensure the adhesive sticks.

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