Five Ways to Decorate Around a TV

Although television designs have become thinner and sleeker, televisions are still huge black rectangles that decorators dread to deal with in terms of design. However, help is at hand in these creative and stylish decorating tips.

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Frame It

Personalise your TV by placing a frame around it. Slightly larger frames will show some wall background, and if it fits perfectly it will look as if it is built in. Find a local installer or a Gloucester TV aerial installation expert for advice for hiding the cables.

Vintage Buffets Transformed into TV Stands

Second-hand or vintage buffets and dressers create an unconventional focus. They are probably cheaper than a traditional TV stand, and you can easily customise the piece to suit your style. Placing the piece below the mounted TV looks traditional and gives you some space to keep your viewing area uncluttered.

Open Shelving Below the TV

Open shelves, organised neatly with storage baskets and canvas boxes, can create a space that looks homely but neat. It can provide the perfect area for keeping TV remotes, games or instruction manuals and phonebooks in an easy to reach place. You never know when you might need the number for a plumber or a specialist such as

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Keep It Hidden

Sometimes having something out of sight really does keep it out of mind. Cover your TV when it’s not in use with customised sliding doors or a painting. Considering the increased health problems that are brought on by too much screen time, including raised blood pressure in children, you can keep the TV stylishly hidden and stop kids from mindlessly switching it on as they enter the room.

Create a Gallery Wall

By surrounding your television with art you can create a gallery wall effect, and in the process your TV will blend into your decor seamlessly. Don’t stop at art. You can also use photos, collected objects or mounted posters. If you are more traditional, you can even go with a beautiful delft blue and white plate collection. The options are unlimited. Don’t limit yourself in terms of shape. Objects can be placed symmetrically around the TV or flow freely according to shape and proportion.

Don’t let your TV become the elephant in the room. Use these tips and your own creative flair to make it blend into your home.

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