Event planning software that you should consider

Event planning software that you should consider

Event planning has grown substantially over the last few years and is expected to continue as companies continue to outsource their planning to event management companies. Along with a growth in the industry, there has been a growth in technology available to those in the business. Here’s a guide to what is available.

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Long gone are the days of binders of information and relying on an excel spreadsheet. Software has come a long way with event planners such as a Dublin event management company having the option to choose a premium package or a cheaper version (almost free) for those starting out in the business. With events broadly falling into two categories, social and corporate, event planners should be able to find the ideal package for themselves.

Planning Pod

This software allows you to manage the event planning process in one place including the calendar, billing and the venue. It is valuable for those with a lot of information to sort through as it manages the data in one location. This makes it a popular choice with professionals.


This software allows you to manage the distinct stages of your buy prednisone for pets event. As well as managing the timeline, it can assist with assigning tasks and as it works seamlessly with online payment options, it is easy for attendees to pay for the event as well.

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This popular site allows you to set up an event and allows for registration and payment with ease. Once set up it is easy to promote your event either through their website or links to social media.


Cvent, as well as offering the expected solutions such as registration, ticketing and advertising; also finds venues for its clients.

These event planning platforms offer a solution for those in the industry such as http://davisevents.ie and for those starting out as planners, using a relatively inexpensive planning tool will help keep costs down until the business builds up.


This is ideal for smaller teams. Free for the first month, it allows you to allocate tasks and organise your files and deadlines.


This free tool allows you to organise your work onto boards, allowing you to see where you are in planning stages.


This works like a spreadsheet but can be accessed from many locations.

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