The essential accessories your van needs

If you are a van owner then there are plenty of useful add-ons you can buy to enhance the experience of using your vehicle of choice. Here are just a few of the top accessory options that you might consider snapping up today.

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Sat nav

While integrated navigation is increasingly common as infotainment systems become more sophisticated, this will usually add quite a bit to the upfront cost of the van. Instead, choosing a cheaper trim level and investing in a separate sat nav device is the best option for bargain hunters. Modern sat navs can feature European or even global mapping and a range of other perks, such as traffic alerts and info on nearby amenities.


As well as providing you with a useful way to record your journeys, a dashcam is an invaluable tool for anyone who wants to capture evidence that will be useful if they are ever involved in an incident on the road. Being able to supply your insurer or the police with irrefutable footage of what went down can prevent a lot of hassle.

Reversing camera

A camera mounted on your dash is one thing, but the practical buy prednisone uk benefits of having a reversing camera on your van can be even greater. Manoeuvring a large vehicle is made much easier if you can see what is going on in obscured blind spots, so an aftermarket camera which is visible via a specialised rearview mirror or other in-cab display will be a real help.

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Just as the plylining sold by sites like can stop damage occurring due to equipment inside the van, a camera system like this will prevent dents and dings disrupting the exterior.

Van sales have hit new heights this year, with some contemporary models offering reversing camera tech as standard – But second-hand vans can also be updated with accessories to make sure they remain competitive.

GPS tracking

If a van is stolen then it can be extremely difficult to recover in one piece. With a GPS tracker installed, the odds fall in your favour and you can keep tabs on your vehicle wherever it happens to be, so if criminals strike then you will still be in with a chance of being reunited with it with the help of the police.

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