Create a big Hollywood movie with all these people

Create a big Hollywood movie with all these people

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The hidden costs of Hollywood movies

It’s pretty easy to imagine why movies with big-name stars cost a lot to make, but you may be surprised to know that many blockbusters hire a huge amount of staff of specialists and experts in their field, which pushes the production costs even higher. This is especially true for films that are looking for historical accuracy.

Surprising numbers

Although the average number of people involved in getting a popular film to the big screen is just under 600, bigger numbers are not unusual. For example, Avatar and Iron Man involved around 3,000 people.

Average numbers – but not across the board

In general, around 70 per cent of a film’s staff work on the visual or art-related elements, 27 per cent on the technical side (light, camera, sound), and the remaining 3 per cent are responsible for writing, directing and producing the work, but some top-grossing films have quite different stats. The Butler had five times more producers than average, and Pokemon used a quarter of all staff on the music.

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Many modern films focus on special features to captivate audiences, and the Harry Potter films used more than 60 per cent of the total crew in just this one department, while The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey needed more than 200 people on special effects. Other areas of film production can vary, too, as Mulan had 10 times more writers than average.

How to get the best out of your TV viewing experience

Having easy access to films is one thing, but if the picture quality is poor, there isn’t much chance of actually enjoying it. Unless you pay for specialised cable services, a TV aerial is essential. Watching great movies at home is more convenient than going to the cinema, but trading the big screen for the TV only works if you have a guaranteed clear picture.There of course some great home cinema products available for you to enjoy amazing picture quality that can be projected onto a wall and surround sound.

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