The best smartphone on the market (2017)

The best smartphone on the market (2017)

2017 already has a good tour. The first high range called to be the protagonists of this year in the world of best smartphone. It has already passed our test table.

If you are thinking about buying a high-end best smartphone and want to know what are the best on the market. We have the summary of the models we have tested in 2017. They are the franchise terminals that struggle to be the best smartphone 2017.

High-end best smartphone reviews


The first of the best smartphone ever to go on sale comes more prepared than ever to get a throne that resists. The LG G6 leaves out the adventure of modules to focus on a spectacular screen. A double camera with wide angle and a sturdy and irresistible smartphone

Ratings: 9.5

Design: 9


Yield: 8.5

Camera: 9

Software: 8.75

Autonomy: 8

Pros of LG G6

  • Fantastic construction in the best design
  • The new screen ratio has hit the market to stay
  • The cameras match their qualities, the angle is great fun
  • Resistance IP68

Cons of LG G6

  • No wireless charge or DAC for Europe
  • The 32GB may be short, there is a microSD slot
  • Snapdragon 821 is a 2016 hardware, do not charge it like 2017
  • I miss more “computational photography” in the proposal

Huawei P10

The Huawei P10 is one of the great candidates for the best smartphone of 2017. The Huawei muscle is perfectly drawn in a manageable smartphone but with a print interior in both battery and performance. Which we must add a double camera with a black and white mode that no one else smartphone

Ratings: 8.7

Design: 9.25

Screen: 8.5

Yield: 8.75

Camera: 9.0

Software: 7.5

Autonomy: 8.75

Pros of Huawei P10

  • The new position of the sensor and its navigation mode ends up convincing
  • The double camera system behaves better and better
  • Fast charging stand and improved runtime are appreciated
  • This processor cannot be asked much more

Cons of Huawei P10

  • The design is somewhat sober, not especially differential
  • The camera continues to flicker in low light conditions
  • The customization of EMUI 5.1 improves but is still somewhat removed from a pure Android
  • The screen does very well, but there is room for improvement

Xiaomi Mi Mix

The best smartphone of Xiaomi we liked and much in and its analysis in Magazin zoo. The Mi Mix has created school by its screen almost without frames. But its values do not remain in the simple appearance. There is top-notch hardware with an internal memory of 128 GB and a great battery. in addition to the exquisite smartphone

Ratings: 8.9

Design: 9.5

Screen: 9

Yield: 9.5

Camera: 7.5

Software: 8.25

Autonomy: 9.5

Pros of Mi Mix

  • The minimum screen frames achieve a spectacular design
  • The ceramic finish gives a luxurious touch to a phone with a fantastic construction
  • The base model is 128GB
  • Snapdragon 821 with 4GB of RAM
  • Large battery capacity: 4.400mAh
  • Good speaker and sound output
  • Innovation with handset and proximity sensor

Cons of Mi Mix

  • The rear camera is not at the best level
  • Being demanding the screen resolution is short for 6.4 inches
  • It is a phone designed for China, there are few stocks
  • The headset is decent but does not finish convincing me
  • Android 6.0, with 7.0 would take better advantage of its screen size
  • The charger is not “fast”

Huawei P10 Plus

The elder brother of the Huawei P10 brings together in a less compact format the virtues of his dancing partner. The Huawei P10 Plus stands out for its double camera, fast charge, excellent performance, and a fingerprint sensor. Although we miss that great design is something more smartphone

Ratings: 8.7

Design: 9.0

Screen: 8.75

Yield: 9.0

Camera: 9.0

Software: 7.75

Autonomy: 8.5

Pros of Huawei P10 Plus

  • The best fingerprint sensor is the fastest
  • The double camera will make you play
  • The sensations with the back are of note
  • We start with 64 GB of internal
  • Spectacular in daily use and multitasking
  • The phone is built to last
  • Fantastic fast charge, although the normal range

Cons Huawei P10 Plus

  • 6GB version is not used
  • Loses his own identity
  • Lack of sound quality
  • EMUI advances, but there is still work to be done
  • No dual SIM this time
  • The gestures on the sensor … why not buttons?

ASUS Zenfone 3 Deluxe

With the high-end highs adding zeros to the launch price, the best smartphone of hitherto distant brands are being enlivened with smartphones like the ASUS ZenFone 3 smartphone

Ratings 8.3

Design: 9,5

Display: 8.5

Yield: 8.5

Autonomy: 7

Software: 8

Camera: 8.5

Pros of ASUS ZenFone 3 Deluxe

  • Exquisite and comfortable finish in hand
  • Super AMOLED level display
  • Camera with good overall performance
  • Sound with headphones

Cons ASUS ZenFone 3 Deluxe

  • Does not come out directly with Android 7.0
  • Autonomy below the mean of the phablets
  • Competitive price
  • No water resistance

Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017)

Within the second line of terminals of each brand. The quality grows year after year. The best smartphone Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 is the renovation of a terminal that intends to face the high-end more expensive offering a known design and betting on the great finish and a camera of the best on the market.

best smartphone

Ratings 8.3 

Design: 9.5

Display: 8.5

Yield: 8.5

Autonomy: 7

Software: 8

Camera: 8.5

Pros of Samsung Galaxy A5

  • The best in finishing for its price
  • Super AMOLED level display
  • Camera according to the range in which it competes
  • Autonomy and fast loading

Cons Samsung Galaxy A5

  • Does not come out directly with Android 7.0
  • Price for now uncompetitive
  • Some details of the camera as not having automatic HDR

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