Art project to bring giraffe sculptures to Worcester

Art project to bring giraffe sculptures to Worcester

West Midland’s city Worcester is to hold a major art event next summer which will see sculptures of giraffes appearing throughout its streets and parks. This event, which will include more than 25 decorated, long-necked creatures be displayed, is anticipated to be the city’s largest event of mass participation in its history so far.

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Worcester ‘stands tall’ with those coping with life-limiting illnesses

The organisation ‘Wild in Art’, which holds similar artistic events across the country, is coming to Worcester with its statues in 2018, with the principal aim of raising funds for St Richard’s Hospice, a hugely important charity that provides ongoing care for patients who live with life-limiting illnesses. The idea is that the decorated animals will go on display for 2 1?2 months across the summer as part of the Worcester Stands Tall campaign and then be auctioned off with all proceeds going to the hospice.

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Not only will the event be a fantastic way to raise money for this worthwhile charity, it will also be a great way to shed light on these life-limiting conditions that St Richard’s Hospice’s patients have to deal cheap prednisone for dogs with on a daily basis. Meanwhile, it will also provide an attractive trail of art throughout the city. The hope is that the campaign will bring the community together and will additionally bring vibrancy and colour that will put smiles on people’s faces.

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Show that you care

If you love the idea of having an inspirational landmark at the heart of your village or town which will show that you too stand tall with a charity within your own community, then why not consult an artist who can create a bespoke animal sculpture made from a luxurious and hardy material.

Horses are universal symbols of freedom without restraint, so bronze horse sculptures are a popular choice among those who wish to give a sense of freeing people from their own bindings, whether physical or mental. Gill Parker ( is an artist who specialises in beautiful bronze sculptures.

The majestic giraffes at Worcester’s upcoming event will be joined by a further 25 baby giraffe sculptures which will be designed by children from local schools. This once again promotes a feeling of community and togetherness that can inspire those of all ages.

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