Is Your Wood Furniture Worth Refinishing?

Is Your Wood Furniture Worth Refinishing?

There’s nothing like a vintage piece of wood furniture passed down through generations. Whether you’ve had your pieces treated by N-Hance Wood Refinishing of Richmond or you’re curious about refinishing wood furniture that looks almost beyond salvation, you’d be surprised at just how easily even the oldest wood pieces can be rehabilitated to look like new. While many homeowners assume that wood that’s starting to wear down should be thrown out, it’s actually easy to keep your vintage pieces looking great by doing a simple refinishing job. So how can you tell when it’s time to refinish vs. replace your furniture? Here’s a handy guide.

Refinish: Worn-Down Wood

You might feel a bit down looking at your older pieces that are showing the signs of age. However, that’s absolutely no reason to throw in the towel. Wood is one of the most durable materials there is. All it requires to fully shine is the proper maintenance. That means refinishing with a bit of sanding a new coat of wood stain. Even if your wood looks chipped and broken in places, chances are it’s nothing a bit of sanding can’t easily fix. This goes double for heirloom items that have been in your home for a long time. In contrast to many other furniture materials, wood can last hundreds of years if treated properly, so never give up on your old wood pieces just because of a few scratches: You’ll end up regretting it, especially if you planned to hand your heirloom furniture down to your kids later on.

Replace: Rotting Wood

Sadly, there are some circumstances in which a refinishing job simply isn’t going to cut it. While these are few and far between, you’ll definitely know the signs. For instance, if any part of your wood is rotting, chances are it’s affecting the structure of the piece and might be unsafe to use. While you might be able to salvage a few elements of older pieces for ornamental purposes, it’s probably best to replace any furniture that’s totally broken and rotting. However, it always pays to make sure. Even if you think your piece is done for good, you can always take it into a furniture restorer to see if anything can be done. Sometimes it’s worth it to get a second opinion, even if you’re pretty sure your piece is beyond help.

Refinish: Dull Wood

If you’ve ever had your floors refinished, you already know that wood that lacks a certain shine is far from unsalvageable. When wood flooring gets a lot of foot traffic, it becomes duller over time, especially if it’s not protected by a rug. The same goes for your favorite piece of wood furniture. However, this isn’t a reason to panic. Just as your floors can be stripped, waxed, and sanded to restore their original shine, so can your furniture. All you need to do is make sure you place it in the hands of people who are used to working with older, more delicate materials and who know exactly what they’re doing.

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