How to make a reindeer costume for men and women

How to make a reindeer costume for men and women

There are costumes at Carnival, Halloween, Day of the Dead …, but also at Christmas. Many allow themselves to be invaded by this time’s energy and let that inner child that we all keep within to flow. Whether it is to do something different with the family or surprise the children, Christmas costumes are a fun way to spend these holidays.

If you want to join this trend, you have many options to choose from: elf, Santa Claus, Christmas tree, star, snowman, angel, shepherd, gingerbread cookie, snow queen, sugar fairy, nutcracker, and reindeer! The reindeer costume is one of the most popular seasons for its versatility since it can look very cute.

How to make a reindeer costume?

reindeer costume

Suppose you are interested in learning how to make a reindeer costume with recyclable material or easy accessories. Next, tuck in a strong cardboard strip smaller than the rectangle of fabric to the middle.

Cut out the pattern for the horns. On the internet, you will find many patterns that you can use to make the horns. Download the one you like the most and cut it out. You can stick it on cardboard or use it yourself.

Draw the pattern on the fabric or the foam. The color of the fabric or foam can be brown, red or green. If you use foamy, you can choose it with a diamond.

Glue the horns onto the flexible fabric headband. Make it with silicone. Embellish the headband. At the base of the horns, you can put ribbons, bells or other Christmas decorations.

Attach a mask strap adjuster or quick-release buckle. Fix the elastic band on the accessory. Complete the costume with a scarf. Measure out a Christmas-colored scarf for your dog and trim the excess. Then, fold the trimmed edges, and glue each one so that they do not unravel. Finally, add a magic closure to fit the scarf around your dog’s neck.

Another option for our dog’s reindeer costume is to design a hooded cape (or just the hood) and glue or sew the horns there.

Make an adult reindeer costume

If you want to make an adult reindeer costume, the most important thing is to style it. For this reason, you can use the outfit for this season, combined with reindeer accessories and good makeup, whether you are a man or a woman.

He prefers the traditional colors of Christmas, unicolor or combined: red, green, white (also includes brown). That said, we leave you some suggestions, so you know how to make a reindeer costume for adults, which will make you the center of attention.

Reindeer costume for women

Wear a suit or ensemble in gold, red, green, or brown. If you want to look more fun, wear an outfit that allows you to add a brown tutu (even a red and green one). Add a reindeer headband or antler hooks, a necklace with bells and brown mittens.

For reindeer makeup, the essential is to highlight the following areas of the face with a white base or concealer:

  • Forehead
  • Under the eyes
  • High on the cheeks (after you use your daily foundation)

Follow the steps:

  1. In the eyes, use brown shadows. You can add lashes and put mascara on them.
  2. Use black eyeliner for the upper part of the eyelid and white pencil for the lower part of the eye.
  3. Outline the nose with brown shadows, and then add shine and volume to the bridge using white. Apply brown or orange tones to the cheekbones and the face’s entire contour (like a frame). Put some white dots on the top of your cheekbones and forehead.
  4. Finally, give the final details as we indicated in the girl and boy makeup. Remember in each step to blur everything very well.
  5. As for the hairstyle, you can wear the headband with your hair down or make a hairstyle up with braids and decorate it with small artificial flowers. You can also make a bun or bun and place reindeer antler hooks just behind each one.

Reindeer costume for men

You can opt for a brown or beige turtleneck shirt, black pants, and a suede jacket that gives a more elegant touch to your costume when it comes to the men’s version. You can also wear a red blazer with a white shirt and blue jeans.

For accessories, you can use a reindeer headband or horned hooks, as well as a hat with horns or a wool cap with horns. Optionally, you can also add a beige, light brown or colored scarf or Christmas motifs.

The makeup can be the same for women, while for the hairstyle, you can wear the headband with the hair combed as you prefer.

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