An introduction to the grandad shirt

An introduction to the grandad shirt

The grandad shirt is one of the least formal and most comfortable of men’s button-up shirts. Unlike the formality of the dress shirt or the fiddliness of an Oxford button-down shirt, the grandad has many features which make it a better choice for everyday wear. In a new world of work-from-home and a more causal attitude to dress, the grandad shirt is the perfect solution for something that bridges the gap between super-smart and everyday.

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The details

The most interesting feature of the grandad shirt is the collar, and by that we mean the near-total absence of a collar. The shirt has a stitched hem around the neck, but no folded element. Grandad shirts are generally made of light cotton, or even linen, and have three quarter or full length sleeves.

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The origins of the grandad shirt

The exact origins of the shirt are disputed and it’s likely that the modern incarnation of a grandad shirt has many contributions. For example, collar-less,long-sleeve tops have been worn by men as nightwear for hundreds of years. Another origin is from workers on farms and in factories who required shirts without ties, which could get caught in machinery. This simple collar style is also popular in India, where they need clothes to be cooler. In fact, the Beatles played a large part in popularising the grandad shirt after visiting India, which resulted in some of the earliest mens designer shirts in this style. The true origin of the shirt is a culmination of all these stories, and each attest to the comfort and practically of such a design.

Choosing and styling a grandad shirt

Totally back in vogue, this style of shirt is a great solution for so many occasions. Look out for shirts made with natural, light fabrics and neutral colour palettes, which emulates the early styles of these shirts. Team with jeans for a casual but stylish look. Shop for mens designer shirts in this style to ensure quality.

Caring for a grandad shirt

Like any shirts, grandad shirts should be worn once and then laundered, hung to dry and ironed.

The perfect summer-casual solution for weekends, barbecues and Zoom calls, the grandad shirt is a cooler and more practical solution to standard men’s collared shirts. It’s also more formal than a regular tee, making it an incredibly versatile choice for men who never know what to wear.

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