Best Attractive Fruit Costumes for Any Occasions

Best Attractive Fruit Costumes for Any Occasions

When looking for a good costume for a party, for Halloween or for Carnival, many people tend to spend large amounts of money on costumes bought in specialized stores. However, there are much cheaper and more creative solutions, such as making an original and funny costume with recyclable materials.

This option is especially good if you want your child to have a nice and fun costume but you don’t want the economic cost to be high. Don’t have time to make an elaborate costume? Do not worry! Here, we explain how to make fruit costumes at the last minute for you or the little ones following a few simple steps. If you want to know more, keep reading this article on how to make a fruit costume with recyclable material. You will be the life of the party! Read also: How to make a yukata?

Homemade fruit costumes with grape

grape costumes

Whether you want an adult costume or you want to make a grape costume for a girl or boy, you will need:

  • A brown hat or headband.
  • A green or purple sweater that you no longer use, depending on the type of grape you want to be.
  • Comfortable green or purple sweatpants or leggings.
  • A sheet of green felt fabric (or green card stock).
  • 10-15 green or purple balloons (quantity will vary depending on whether the costume is for a child or an adult)

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Follow these steps

First of all, please blow up the balloons well. Make sure they are not inflated to the maximum, as they could pop.
Next, glue each balloon around the sweater at the same distance from each other. To do this, you can use a strong glue that sticks to the fabric and does not damage it, or you can sew the balloons. Remember to place the balloons making the shape of the cluster: much more at the top than at the bottom. Cut the felt fabric (or cardstock) into a leaf shape to incorporate it into the cluster. This will have to be attached to the hat or headband that you have chosen.

Apple fruit costumes

Another of the best costumes for children if you want something quick, easy and fun, is the apple. This is one of the cardboard fruit costumes, so you will need:

  • 2 red cards (large)
  • 1 green card (small)
  • 1 brown card (small)
  • 1 yellow card (small)
  • A piece of cardboard (small)
  • Black leggings
  • Red felt fabric
  • 4 medium elastic bands

Steps to follow

  1. First, draw the shape of an apple on one of the red cards. Remember to cover the entire upper body with that piece of cardboard, so don’t fall short.
  2. Cut out the apple shape and use this as a template to make an exact apple on the other red card. You will already have the base of the apple in front and behind.
  3. You can decorate the apple however you want, we have selected three details: with the yellow cardboard, make the shape of a bite on the apple, as you will see in the photo below. With the green card, draw the leaves. With the brown cardboard. Make the corner of the apple. Remember to glue these details to both the front and the back.
  4. Join both parts of the apple with an elastic band on the sides of the upper part (so that it is like straps) and another elastic on each side of the hip. You can either make a hole to tie the elastics or use strong glue.
    To make the hat, if you want one, take the piece of cardboard and cut it into a circle, taking into account the measurements of the girl’s or boy’s head. Line the cardboard with red felt fabric or any other red fabric you have at home. Add the detail of the leaf with the green card and the detail of the corner with the brown card.

Strawberry costume

The fruit and vegetable costume for children is ideal if you have little time and are looking for a fun and original option that you can make from home. However, this option is also perfect if you want a good costume for adults. You will need to:

  • A wide red T-shirt or a red dress
  • 1 White fabric or card
  • 1 Green cloth (can be felt cloth)
  • 1 green card
  • Green stockings or leggings (optional)

Follow these steps

  1. Using the white fabric or card, cut out small spots to simulate the strawberry skin. These will have to be glued or sewn to the red garment that you have chosen.
  2. Next, use the cardstock or green fabric to cut out the shapes of the strawberry leaves. These will have to be glued to the neck of the dress so that they look like leaves of the stem.
  3. The most complex part is the hat, however, with the green cardboard, you can easily make the shape of the leaves. Make about 5 sheets and then glue them to a headband that is comfortable for you. If this is made of fabric, you can also sew the sheets, as you prefer. You will already know how to make a strawberry costume!

Pineapple costume

The latest food costume with recycled material that we propose is a success among adults and children, do you want to know how to make a pineapple costume step by step? The first thing you should know is that there are 2 types of pineapple costumes that you can make: one more minimalist and one more detailed, as you will see in the photos below. Let’s look at both options:

  • For the minimalist pineapple costume (lower left image) you will need a wide yellow t-shirt or a yellow dress. To create the body of the pineapple, you will have to draw its spikes with a black marker all over the dress.
  • With green fabric (it can be felt fabric, for example) cut out the pineapple leaves and glue them to the neck of the yellow shirt.
  • To make the hat, you will only have to get a green headband (it can be plastic or fabric) and glue the pineapple leaves cut from the green felt fabric or green cardboard, as you prefer.

Follow the steps

  • Get two large yellow cards and cut them into a pineapple shape.
  • Decorate the body of the pineapple by making its skewers. We suggest you follow the example in the image and put gold ribbons diagonally all over the pineapple.
  • To make the upper leaves you can either make the hat of the previous option or create the leaves from green cardboard and sew them (or glue them) on the upper part of the costume, as you will see in the image on the right.

Finally, and as we have done with the apple costume, you will have to tie both parts of the pineapple with an elastic ribbon. We recommend using the tape both on the shoulders (as if they were suspenders) and on the hips. You can either sew fabric ribbons or use elastic ribbons, whichever is more comfortable for you.

These options are also ideal if you are looking for costumes for groups of friends or friends since each one can choose a fruit or vegetable and get down to work to make their own fruit costumes.

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