How to maximise the efficiency of your van

How to maximise the efficiency of your van

If you use a van regularly, it is probably part of your business. You may depend on the van to move items from one place to another, and whatever you use it for, it is a vital tool that needs to operate efficiently because the costs of breakdowns and repairs will have a negative impact on profits and even customer service.

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Practical considerations

Make sure your air filter is clean and in good condition. A dirty air filter means that the vehicle’s engine has to work harder and will use more fuel, which will cost you money. The van manual should also say what the optimal pressure for the tyres should be. Check the tyres, and make sure they have enough air in them but not too much; this will also affect fuel consumption and the van’s suspension. It may be necessary to check the tyre pressure several times to get an average as the pressure changes when the tyres warm up. It could be worthwhile investing in a tyre pressure gauge for the van.

Trim excess

Anything added to the outside of the van will increase resistance and push up fuel buy prednisone 20mg consumption. Added weight also makes the van less economical to run, so don’t keep unnecessary items in the van, and if you add a storage facility to the outside, put it on the back. For more on the role air resistance plays in fuel consumption, see this report from The Telegraph.

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Protect your investment

Goods can damage the interior of your van. Protecting the interior with plylining, a wood coating that provides a buffer between goods and the van’s interior when in transit or loading, could boost its resale value. If you want to find out more about the possibilities of plylining, you might want to consult experts in the area of vehicle-accessories who can give you tips and advice. Specialists will be able to demonstrate various options available.

Thinking ahead and looking at your van as a resource to be managed for maximum returns could cut the costs of running your business. Making sure your van is in good operating order will also prevent lost revenue from being unable to fulfil commitments. Customer service is increasingly important, and this must not be compromised by a neglected van.

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