Homeowners worry about burglaries, car theft, and other property crimes. However, few of these incidents actually take place at night. Most occur during the day when homeowners have let their guard down and perhaps haven’t locked all doors and windows as they should.

Almost three-quarters of homeowners have taken action to protect their properties. These steps included improving lighting around their property, installing doorbell cameras, and limiting social media posts about when they are away from their property.

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Break-ins are the most common crimes homeowners worry about. The emotional toll can be immense. Aside from the monetary damages, the victims will also be left with no sense of safety and a feeling of being violated. Unfortunately, home break-ins are among the most common and most feared crimes in the UK. A break-in can occur anytime while everyone is away from home, and many people live in fear of the possibility. Thankfully, there are plenty of steps homeowners can take to minimise the risk of this happening to them. Consider the benefits of installing an electric gate. For an Electric Gate Company, visit a site such as completegateautomation.co.uk/

In addition to breaking into a home, property crime can include breaking into a car that is parked on the property. It’s the most common type of property crime in the UK. A break-in may be a result of a violent act or a desire for expensive items left in the vehicle. Installing exterior lighting, immobilisers for your vehicle and an electric gate will deter thieves from entering your grounds.

A break-in takes a heavy emotional toll on the victim. The monetary loss of personal belongings is just the beginning of the victim’s recovery. But if the homeowner has an unlocked door, the trauma will last a lifetime. It is no wonder that a home break-in is the most commonly feared crime in the UK. Whether it happens while everyone is away or even while they’re asleep, it is still an overwhelming thought for many homeowners.

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While property crimes are less common than other types of crimes, they can still cause serious problems for homeowners. Despite the fact that many property crimes are comparatively minor, homeowners need to be vigilant about their property’s safety. In a city, the likelihood of a break-in is higher than in suburban or rural areas. But it’s important to consider neighbourhood crime statistics for the area in which you live.

According to data, property crimes are on the rise in the UK. The police also recommend that homeowners keep a close watch on their homes. Keeping an eye on your home’s security can prevent property crime and is fairly simple to do with home security systems, motion sensor lighting and automated gates.


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