The town of Swindon is home to both modern businesses like Chippendale and Clark accountants Swindon is also home to parts of its history, the most famous of which is probably the museum of steam, an invention that changed Swindon and made it the large town that it is today. Of course in a place with so much history, you usually find that there are local stories of something more paranormal – ghosts! Here are some of the ghostly goings on that are said to be in and around Swindon…

Lydiard House – This beautiful building with its gorgeous gardens is one of the most popular places to visit in Swindon. It is also known to be haunted by ghosts, including that of a grey figure wearing a hood which terrifies those who see it, as well as the sounds of a woman crying and Sir John who used to live at the house and was killed in the English Civil War, alongside his sons.

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The Freke Arms – This pretty inn is a popular place to visit, especially in the summer months. It is around 200 years old and is home to the ghost of a Victorian lady. People have reported seeing her wandering around the bar wearing a pair of blue boots. There have also been reports of shadows moving around the bar, cups falling from the shelves and tables and people hearing their names being called yet with nobody nearby…

Wroughton Airfield – This airfield was important during World War 2 and a certain hangar on the airfield is the subject of many a haunting. The hangar, C2 has had lots of reporting of spooky happenings within it and around it – from people who have heard shouts and other unexplained noises, to reporting feeling chills when walking into the hangar to many accounts of spotting ghostly airmen and crew, dressed in World War 2 RAF clothing.

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The Old Bell – This in in Malmesbury is thought to be the oldest hotel in the country, so it is little wonder that it is also well known for being haunted! Guests who have stayed there have reported many strange goings on including things being thrown around the rooms and flying through thin air by an apparently invisible hand! It is also said to be the home of the ghostly Grey Lady who walks around the hotel halls and is often spotted wandering around the hotel at night.

The Red Lion – This pub, in Avebury is said to be the most haunted building in the country of Wiltshire. It has even featured on the show Most Haunted, such it its spooky reputation! It was once a farmhouse and the most famous ghostly resident is said to be a lady who once lived there in 1643, whose husband murdered her. It is said that because her husband had a beard, the ghostly lady named Florrie is said to take an instant dislike to men with beards – so men if you are thinking of a visit, perhaps have a shave before you go!

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