The Apple Watch battery problems will have a 3-year warranty

The Apple Watch battery problems will have a 3-year warranty

Apple will take charge of the original Apple Watch battery a total of 3 years.

Apple today announced through an official statement that all Apple Watch series 3. It will have special coverage of the warranty of their batteries for a period of 3 years.

This means that all those Apple Watch Series 1 that have abnormalities in the battery can request a free replacement. Since Apple has detected that there is a departure from the battery of the original model of your watch that can suffer bump.

Change your Apple Watch battery even if you do not have Apple Care

The problem with the batteries of this model of Apple Watch does not seem to be very common, but the number of cases around the world has convinced Apple to extend the warranty of the product up to 3 years.

Apple Watch battery

How long last apple watch battery?

During the day battery life depends on 18 hours with the associated utilize: 90-time checks, 90 notices, 45 minutes of application use. A 30‐minute exercise with music playback from Apple Watch by means of Bluetooth, through the length of 18 hours. Battery life changes by use, arrangement, and numerous different elements; genuine outcomes will vary.

Some tricks to improve the life apple watch battery

  • Firstly, Keep your IOS up to date. This is an advice from Apple experts and users.
  • Secondly, upgrade all apps in your apple watch. If you want to have a long battery life of your apple watch battery upgrade all apps. If it requires.
  • Thirdly, turn off heart rate sensor and enable power saving mode. Click the Apple Watch companion app on your device and go to My Watch>Workout and enable Power Saving Mode.
  • Fourthly, always enable Bluetooth. Because, if you turn off Bluetooth on your apple watch, your device wants to communicate with wi-fi. Wi-fi is more power starvation than Bluetooth.

Through its statement, Apple has indicated that:

To replace the battery, you do not need the Apple Care warranty extension. But all original Apple Watch (Series 1) that show problems are covering with this 3-year warranty. Remember that it is only for batteries.

Apple Watch Series 3 will launch this year.Most likely September.

Just last year Apple risen by surprise the second version of its Apple Watch series 2, the news that included are summarized in these:

  • A more powerful CPU, up to 50% faster.
  • GPU is twice as fast.
  • Water resistance up to 50 meters deep.
  • New screen.
  • New battery.
Apple Watch battery
Apple Watch 3 battery

They were not big changes with respect to the Series 1. Particularly if we have an account to what Apple has us accustomed. In spite of this now it is rumored that this year could present the Apple Watch series 3.

What is new in apple watch the latest version?

The new watch could incorporate a Micro LED display, which offers higher resolution, brightness and lower battery consumption, something fundamental in this type of devices, other rumors include the possibility of making FaceTime calls from our own clock and a more rounded appearance. The new Apple Watch Series 3 will come soon.

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