Installing a Wet Room

Installing a Wet Room

Wet rooms are becoming increasingly desirable and not just for those with limited mobility. They can be a great way of adding value to your property but how do you go about installing one correctly? Here are useful things to consider before embarking on such a project:

A wet room is, in theory, suitable for any property. They have an open tiled shower area, getting rid of the need for a shower tray and screen. It’s important to find a professional to install a wet room due to the water drainage issues. A gradient will need to be created in the floor to allow the water to channel into a drain.

A common process is to install a sub-floor which is then tiled over. The whole room then needs to be waterproofed. Any décor items will also need to be waterproof, such as blinds for example. For a wide range of WaterProof Roller Blinds, visit

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To waterproof the room, the floor will need to be primed, along with all lower sections of walls and particularly the shower area wall. The walls are coated in a special waterproof membrane and once this has set, the entire area can be tiled over.

What are the advantages of installing a wet room?

They are in trend and look highly contemporary and stylish. They are also a handy option for those with a small bathroom space as removing the bath frees up a lot of space. An open tiled area is much can i buy prednisolone for dogs easier to clean and by having a professional installation completed, your bathroom floor is better protected than a standard bathroom floor.

Are there any disadvantages?

If you have a small room, you may still need to include a shower screen to prevent spray from ruining toilet roll and dampening towels. It must be installed by a professional, which can be quite costly. If not, then you risk serious damage from water leaks or flooding. Tiling an entire room is pricey and opting for porous stone instead comes with its own issues as they need to be resealed every few months. Removing a bath from a main bathroom could be unattractive in some buyer’s eyes as many people do enjoy having a bath.

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How to keep some areas of a wet room dry

If water is splashing onto the toilet, towels and other places it shouldn’t, then you have a problem. That is why many professionals recommend installing an underfloor heating system. It makes the cold tiles feel warm and helps to evaporate any standing water. Effective ventilation is also highly essential.

What to include if installing for mobility purposes?

Slip-resistant flooring will be essential and is a great idea for whoever is using the wet room. You’ll also want to install shower rails that can be grabbed for stability. Careful thought and planning should go into the design and positioning of fixtures in the room, so they can be used with the greatest ease and accessibility.

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