Review of the world’s no 1 best smartphone Apple iPhone 7

Review of the world’s no 1 best smartphone Apple iPhone 7

Introduction of Best Smartphone Apple iPhone 7

The release of the new best smartphone Apple iPhone 7 always takes place with great excitement. Here it was only presented, and everyone has already started discussing new colors, refusal from mini jack and other innovations. Immediately experts are saying that the device of their money is not worth it. The fans are claiming that they are ready to update right now and many other people.

Equipment inside the box

best smartphone Apple iPhone 7
Equipment inside the box of iPhone 7
  • Smartphone
  • Lightning cable
  • Charger
  • Ear Pods Earphones with Lightning
  • Adapter Lightning-minijack
  • Clip for taking out SIM card

In Apple have changed the packaging technology in the best smartphone Apple iPhone 7

Now, to remove the packaging film from the box, it is enough to pull for a particular tab. The top cover is now also slightly easier to remove.

From innovations, it is necessary to allocate Ear Pods with Lightning and an adapter to 3.5 mm. Note that the wire of the adapter is skinny. I still recommend using separate headphones with Lightning support or using the complete headphones. I do not really like Ear Pods. The reason is during their wearing I do not leave the feeling that the headphones are about to drop out of my ears. Plus, they play “outside.” So, if someone in these headphones is listening to music at a high volume, then you can learn everything about the musical preferences of a neighbor.

On the other hand

I see a lot of positive feedback about these headphones from ordinary users. It is clear that the owners like them. Speaking of sound, it became a bit bigger. The difference in comparison with the last generation is audible.

The recent change is due to the headphone box. The plastic case change into paper packaging, it looks simpler. It’s harder to open it. The kit will have an adapter.

Appearance, body materials

best smartphone Apple iPhone 7

The best smartphone Apple iPhone 7 changed the plastic strips for the antennas. It hides on the ends, thanks to this models became more accurate.

On sale, there were two new colors: a matte black and a glossy Black. The latter is sold only in versions of 128 and 256 GB. I had a matte version of the test, It looks cool: strictly, practically, while the antenna stripes are almost invisible.

An important invention, which for some reason few people remember

Best smartphone Apple iPhone 7 are much less slipping in hand, and it’s very cool. Wearing the “six” without the cases was simply scary. Physical feelings also changed if past versions were very smooth and because of this just slipped out. The new generation became more rough and soft.

A little bit changed the camera’s eye. Now it looks neater and does not cling to the pockets of the pants if you will be wearing an iPhone without a cover.

Best smartphone Apple iPhone 7 became waterproof according to the IP67 standard. That is, you can drop it into the water without any consequences.

Control elements

Apple decided to remove the 3.5 mm headphone jack, while the presentation was not ashamed to use the phrase “we had the courage to do it.”

The company is not the first time to rebuild the industry for itself. We recall at least the various standards of SIM-cards. It eventually came to all manufacturers or a laptop with a single port – this idea was also repeated by other companies. So, I’m sure that the refusal of 3.5 mm will be repeated by the other sellers in their flagships. Someone immediately remembers that Apple was not the first in its decision, but it does not matter. The important thing is how massively this approach becomes after its application in the iPhone.

Home button with tactile feedback

best smartphone Apple iPhone 7
Home Button of Apple iPhone 7

Another change is the transition to the touch. The same Force Touch technology is used as in the new MacBook company. Some observers wrote that the implementation in the iPhone is still not good.

For my part, I can say that the feelings of depression are different now. But I cannot say that it has become worse – it became different. Now, when you “press” the button, you get the feeling that not only it is pressed, but the entire bottom panel. However, depending on the choice of intensity, these feelings vary significantly.

A little changed the mechanism for removing the tray from the SIM card

There is the impression that it does not enter more. It is due to the appearance of waterproofing, as I understand it. A special plug is used inside, which prevents water from entering. By the way, when you connect the Lightning cable, you also feel that it is getting heavier.

Best smartphone Apple iPhone 7 has got stereo speakers. They are applied in a slightly unusual way. The right speaker is in its place, and the left speaker is also conversational. Regarding volume, the sound is better. But it’s still not the level of portable speakers, keep in mind.

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I have been using the iPhone 6 as my primary phone for almost two years. What does it mean? It says that at the time that I do not go with the test devices. The first SIM insert into the iPhone. I’m used to its dimensions, and it’s always very uncomfortable for me to switch to larger diagonals. They have a large width or thickness; they are inconvenient to hold in their hands. I tested a lot of smartphones in two years. According to my feelings, the iPhone 6 have ideal dimensions. It’s cool in hand, thin and light, but unlike SE, it’s easy to type text with both hands.


best smartphone Apple iPhone 7


  • Screen diagonal:  4.7 inches.
  • Display Resolution: 1334 x 750 dots.
  • PPI value: 326.
  • Type of matrix: IPS.
  • Protective covering: Glass.

Automatic brightness control

Despite the fact that the characteristics have not changed formally. I would like to draw your attention to two important features of the screen in the iPhone 7. Firstly, it has an expanded color scale. In photos, Secondly, if you compare the forehead to the forehead with the best smartphone Apple iPhone 7, then the “seven” display is more in warm colors.

Another plus of Apple’s screens is the excellent work of automatic brightness control. These are the only devices in which I use this function.

Operating system of best smartphone Apple iPhone 7

best smartphone Apple iPhone 7
IOS 10

The smartphone is running iOS 10, which we already talked about in detail in a separate article.

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In an interview with a smartphone company talk show, I said that the new unlocking system became less convenient. You first need to turn on the smartphone screen, then hold your finger to unlock, and then click on the Home button again. Commentators rightly noted that for a more order prednisone for dogs suitable unlocking it is enough to keep your finger on the scanner literally for half a second longer. But this is only required on older iPhones since in the same “seven” the scanner works lightning fast.

By the way, this new unlock works fine with the Raise to Wake function – when you take the smartphone into your hand. The screen automatically turns on, and then you just have to touch your finger to unlock it.

I did not like the new posts. If earlier it was possible to omit the window with the message down and then savant up and this was enough to mark it read, now you need to go to the notification line specifically.

Performance of best smartphone Apple iPhone 7


  • Chipset Apple: A10 Fusion.
  • CPU: Four-core.
  • Video Accelerator: Six-figure graphics.
  • The amount of RAM: 2 GB.
  • Internal storage capacity: 32/128/256.
  • The presence of a memory card: No.

I switched to the “seven” from the old iPhone 6, and for me, the performance gain and the difference in speed of operation looked noticeable. Working tables were scrolled more smoothly; applications were launched faster, the browser worked faster. However, with a close contact with the device, you could notice the twisted animations when you minimize applications or switch between them. I saw similar complaints from colleagues from other publications. I believe that all this will be fixed in the more recent releases of iOS 10 and the problem here is of course soft. The iron part of the best smartphone Apple iPhone 7 is great.

As for toys and benchmarks, then there are no complaints. After all, all the games in the App Store are just optimized to work as fast as possible on iPhones.

I would like to talk about memory separately

best smartphone Apple iPhone 7

Recently I was asked to help sell a couple of used iPhone 6 to 16 GB, and in the comments to the announcement, people wondered how the people survived with such a small memory capacity. Personally, this volume was quite enough for me: I rarely take pictures, do not play heavy games, and my media library perfectly fits in 3-4 GB. With this situation, 16 GB was more than enough. Apple’s decision to increase the memory capacity of all models by half I can only praise. Still, the video is now shot in 4k, and live photos are pretty decent.

If you put your ear close to the back cover, you will hear a quiet ticking, like clockwork. If you push the smartphone away from your ear by one or two centimeters, you can no longer hear it. In my opinion, the problem is bloated.

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Autonomous work

The novelty was in my hands for a few days, but even this use was enough to understand – the iPhone 7 works a little longer than previous generations. Accordingly, you can expect about three or four hours of the screen on.



  • Resolution of the primary camera: 12 MP.
  • Front camera resolution: 7 MP.
  • Aperture value: 1.8 / 2.2.
  • Video resolution: Up to 4k.
  • The number of frames per second: Up to 240 fps.
best smartphone Apple iPhone 7
Best smartphone review: Apple iPhone 7 camera


Due to the higher resolution and the new module, the photos differ greatly in the daytime, naturally, in favor of the Apple iPhone 7. Under insufficient lighting conditions, the difference is minimal, mostly six colors grafts colors and slightly fewer details.

Basic camera

Surprisingly, in the daytime, iPhone 6 often takes pictures better: less sharp, more pleasant than color. Under normal lighting, the iPhone 6 is again better – oddly enough, but fewer artifacts. At night, the leader of the best smartphone Apple iPhone 7 due to more luminous optics and optical stabilizer: it is possible to set a lower ISO value, a longer shutter speed. Also, the blurring of the background is better on the iPhone 7, still f = 1.8. In general, the result of the novelty from Apple is somewhat disappointed, if compared with the “old man” iPhone 6.

Their cameras are perfect for unprepared lovers or just for those who do not like to bother with the shooting. It is logical that Apple worked on the weak point of the camera – shooting in the dark. Plus added optical stabilization and increased focus speed. As for the difference in good lighting with the previous generation, I did not notice it very much. Plus, some like to zoom in on x4 and look at what’s there with detailing, etc. It seems to me that the average consumer will not do this, it is important that the picture looks good on the screen of the smartphone and the PC screen, and with this, the iPhone 7 has no problems.

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Wireless interfaces

  • Wi-Fi: There is, b / g / n / ac, dual-band, it supports Wi-Fi Direct.
  • Bluetooth: There is, version 4.2, LE, A2DP.
  • GPS: Cold start takes about two seconds.
  • Mobile data: GSM 900/1800/1900, 3G, LTE.
  • USB: On-The-Go No.
  • NFC: Yes, only for Apple Pay.

The set of wireless interfaces has not changed much: the latest technologies of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, fast GPS and NFC, working with Apple Pay.

best smartphone Apple iPhone 7
Best smartphone Review: Apple iPhone 7


To the quality of voice transmission. I did not have any complaints, you and your interlocutor hear each other perfectly.

Below – the recommended retail prices for the best smartphone Apple iPhone 7 from the official online store Apple:

iPhone 7 32 GB is $650, 28 GB is $750 and 256 GB is $850.

The device in matte black color is available only in 128 and 256 GB versions.

I know that some of our visitors read only the conclusion. So once again briefly walk through the first innovations of the best smartphone Apple iPhone 7:
  • Discarding the minijack and the adapter in the kit.
  • New colors: matte black and black onyx.
  • Change the Home button, go to the sensor with feedback.
  • The appearance of stereo speakers.
  • Advanced color scale.
  • Optical stabilization in the chamber.
  • IP67 Waterproof.
  • Increase memory capacity in all versions by half.

I liked that Apple is working on the weaknesses of its smartphones. Judge for yourself: the minimum memory size is double; optical stabilization added. The case materials were changed to more practical ones (Jet Black is a separate story), hid antennas, added stereo speakers. The refusal of 3.5 mm for headphones regarding business looks like an excellent move. The modified Home button is conditioning by the desire to make a more reliable moisture protection.

You will feel the difference if you go to the “seven” with the iPhone 6 and such a transition will be justified. I do not recommend rushing to the owners of the 6s. You have an excellent device that can correctly serve for at least a year.

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