The 10 most famous entrepreneur in modern history

The 10 most famous entrepreneur in modern history

Steve Jobs is the most outstanding famous entrepreneur in modern history, according to Fortune magazine. He followed by Bill Gates and Fred Smith.

The Fortune Magazine has published an interesting list which highlights the entrepreneur. That would have contributed more to the corporate culture of modern times. Changed the business world as we knew it.

Famous entrepreneur and their companies

The magazine highlights the ability of each of this famous entrepreneur to turn their dreams into reality. The great ideas that revolutionize the world are rare and difficult to achieve. But that is the difference between the dreamer and the achiever.

The ranking elaborated according to social and economic impact generated by the entrepreneur, the vision to change the world. The inspiration made to employees and other entrepreneurs, innovation and the performance of their companies over time.

Steve Jobs

famous entrepreneur: Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs

Unrealistic, inspirational and brilliant are the characteristics that describe Steve Jobs.

In spite of his petty, arrogant and even abusive attitude towards the people who worked for him. Jobs is considered the famous entrepreneur par excellence of our generation.

One of the aspects that most impacted this entrepreneur is his opinion about focus groups and market research, concepts that he considers as limiting innovation. He was once asked how much research he had done to decide to launch the iPad. His answer was: No, it is not the job of consumers to know what they want is difficult for users to tell you. What they want when they ‘ve never seen anything even remotely like what you offer.

Another important skill of Steve Jobs is to follow your insight. A tool that I use to detect emerging technologies and define the direction of Apple.

Bill Gates


He is one of the famous entrepreneurs of all time. Because his revolutionary mind led him to change the world in two ways; First, as the most important geek in the world, he helped usher in the revolution of the computer Staff. He is now addressing the difficult challenges of global health and public education as the world’s most generous sponsor.

As Microsoft CEO or co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, he always focused on hiring smart people and putting them to work in small groups to solve the significant problems.

Once asked what his best business decision was, Gates responded, “The decision to enter the business with Paul Allen is probably the first on the list on the list and subsequently hiring a friend, Steve Ballmer It is important to have someone of your entire confidence. He is fully committed, who shares your vision, but who also has a slightly different set of skills and who acts as a kind of Control over you.”

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Fred Smith

Famous entrepreneur: Fred Smith
Fred Smith

In third place, we have the founder of FedEx, one of the largest logistics companies in the world.

Fred Smith developed his entrepreneurial skills through experience during the Vietnam War. From 1967 to 1969 he served for two periods of service. First as a platoon leader of the US Marine Corps. And later as an air controller.

It was a very formative experience. On the one hand, Smith came close to seeing the military’s overwhelming logistical efforts to efficiently mobilize more than half a million soldiers and millions of tons of supplies. Discipline, training and leadership experience would remain with the Navy captain. “When people ask me, what principles have guided me since I started FedEx Corp. years ago,” he says, “my response often scares them: They are the leadership principles I learned in the US Marine Corps during My service in Vietnam. “

For Fred Smith, one of the keys to entrepreneurial success is relying on top-level managers (company counterparts to noncommissioned officers).

Jeff Bezos

Famous entrepreneur: Jeff Bezos
Jeff Bezos

Fourth, we have Jeff Bezos, the famous entrepreneur who revolutionized online shopping. was one of the pioneers in e-commerce, and its story is quite inspiring. Jeff Bezos came up with the idea of He went for a walk in Central Park with his boss to share his epiphany.

Bezos, in 1992, was senior vice president for “The New York hedge fund DE Shaw.” He described his dream of creating a company that sells books on the Internet. His boss listened carefully before giving him a little tip: “That sounds like an excellent idea, but it would be a better idea for someone who did not already have a good job.”

Guided by his vision and passion, Bezos decides to ignore the advice of his boss, and in 1994 he starts his project, but it would take him more than six months to report his first quarterly profit. Patience and perseverance have been key factors in making Amazon a meaningful and enduring company.

One of the most unusual practices of this famous entrepreneur is that at the end of each quarter takes some time alone, to get away from the wild business life. “I just got locked in. There are no distractions from the office; the phones do not ring, it’s just because with a bit of isolation I find myself starting to be more creative, I can spend a lot of time surfing the Internet for two or Three days and just look at what the fans and hackers are doing. What are the types of things that are in the vanguard? “

Larry Page & generic prednisone 20mg Sergey Brin

Famous entrepreneur: Larry Page & Sergey Brin
Larry Page & Sergey Brin

The story is divided into 2: The before and after Google. Larry Page & Sergey Brin are the creators of the search engine that developed the entire world. Google is equal with the Internet, and for many, this search engine is the interface to access a world of unique knowledge and information.

Larry Page, recalls the night in 1996 when he was 23 years old and had vividly dreamed of downloading the entire Web on computers. “I took a pen and started writing,” says Google co-founder and CEO. “I spent half that night scribbling the details and convincing myself that it would work.”

These two young people have created a whole business philosophy, oriented towards innovation and the use of the potential of each member of the organization.

Currently, Google is no longer just a great search engine to become one of the companies that are defining the future of the Internet and the world. Thanks to the development of multiple products ranging from web applications and business tools to software and mobile connectivity.

The Google figures are amazing, and these two famous entrepreneurs are an obvious example that to succeed you have to dream of changing the world.

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Howard Schultz

Famous entrepreneur: Howard Schultz
Howard Schultz

Starbucks lived a dark time during the recession, but Howard Schultz would return to pick it up. Upon his return, Starbucks’ income and earnings were on the floor, and stock prices had fallen so severely that at one point it was feared that the company might break.

Schultz did his job well as a famous entrepreneur. He brought financial discipline, efficiency in the bottom line, and a back-to-basics approach for the company. Growth and success had covered a lot of errors and led to new developments and innovations in the enterprise’s products.

As with Steve Jobs at Apple, Howard Schultz’s second coming to Starbucks saved her from being just another company from the bunch and spinning an iconic brand. Schultz, 58, showed he could do what most founders say should not be done: challenge the old way of doing things.

Mark Zuckerberg

Famous entrepreneur: Mark Zuckerberg
Mark Zuckerberg

He is soon turning 28, and in his relatively short life has managed to change the world.

Facebook, in just eight years since its foundation, changed our way of socializing, living and even doing business. According to some, this social network produced one of the most important revolutions in history.

Zuckerberg is an entrepreneurial obsessive genius, ” as the media defines it. The truth is that this young famous entrepreneur has demonstrated exceptional abilities to take the gearstick of Facebook.

John Mackey

Famous entrepreneur: John Mackey

In 1978, John Mackey and his then-girlfriend Renee Lawson opened their first vegetarian food store in an old Victorian house in Austin. They had modest ambitions: earn a living, have fun and help some people eat better to lead a healthier life.

Whole Foods stores now have more than 300 supermarkets and more than 56,000 employees (or “team members”). The success of the luxury food retailer has changed the way many of the industry’s top competitors operate. “If you told me 20 years ago that Wal-Mart would be one of the top sellers of organic foods in the world, I would have thought it was ridiculous,” says Mackey.

As it does? Among the fundamental precepts at the core of Whole Foods are the commitment to sell the highest quality organic and natural products available, satisfy and delight customers, and promote environmental care. Many companies have mission statements, with great principles that are little more than tapestry.

Herb Kelleher

Famous entrepreneur: Herb Kelleher

Herb Kelleher is the founder of Southwest Airlines, the largest airline in the United States that celebrated its 45th consecutive year of profitability in 2016.

How did Kelleher do it? He kept costs extraordinarily low and focused on providing excellent customer service. Like Sam Walton, he understood that front-line staff could either make or break a business. And Kelleher initiated a program through profit-sharing plans and stock options that made employees feel and act like owners.

“Years ago,” he once told an interviewer, “business schools pose a riddle. They said, ‘Well, who comes first?’ ‘Your employees, your shareholders, or your customers? The first thing. And if you treat your employees correctly, guess what? They attend well, and their customers feel satisfied and come back, and this makes their shareholders happy. Get on with the employees and the rest will come alone. “

Narayana Murthy

Famous entrepreneur: Narayana Murthy
Narayana Murthy

It showed that India could compete with the world by taking on the software development work. That had long been the province of the West. As one of six co-founders and CEO for 21 years, Murthy helped unleash the outsourcing revolution. It has accounted for billions of dollars in wealth for the Indian economy and transformed his country into the back room of the world.

Your valuable lesson: An organization can start from scratch. But a team of people must be formed to create a system of lasting value. “It’s about sacrifice, hard work, a lot of frustration, being away from your family. Hoping that someday you’ll get an adequate performance from that.

Do you agree with the ranking of the famous entrepreneur? What is the contractor you feel the most for admiration? And what do another entrepreneur you admire that is not on the list?

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